June 1, 2012

Little Transportation Expert

Got a few cute videos to share. Wilder is so fun to teach because he absorbs things immediately and retains them for a long time. He is totally and completely infatuated with Paul's scooter and must go out to the driveway and see it at least 57 times a day. Paul started teaching him the different parts recently. I was so surprised the other day when I took him out to sit on it and he pointed out the "fwottle." Needless to say we love asking him to point out the parts so I made sure to get it on video today. By the way, he's pretty much getting all of his remaining teeth in at once so those fingers have been living in his mouth lately.
We have several books with taxis in them so the other day I showed him how to hail a taxi and he copied me.
I might be a little obsessed with asking him to do it now because I just think it's so hilarious. But he is so over it and isn't shy about letting me know it.