April 30, 2012


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my blog. I know I mostly post about Wilder and, although I'm sure the grandparents are thrilled about that, I also know most people couldn't care less about our daily adventures. 

Believe me, I would love to write about other, more inspiring, more culturally relevant things but I usually don't for a couple of reasons: a) The exhaustion of raising a toddler and the writer's block that results from daily exposure to high-pitched whining sounds; and b) The fact that I just think he's the bee's knees and I want to document this precious time in our lives so when he's a bratty teenager I can look back and remember how sweet he used to be ;) 

That's not to say I won't ever write about anything other than my son. In fact, I'm gearing up to start a blog challenge tomorrow in order to force myself to dig a little deeper than usual.  But I'm no Scary Mommy or Moosh in Indy and that's alright with me. 

If that's OK with you too, enjoy the approximately 1,000 pictures below. And check back in tomorrow for the first day of a daily blogging regimen that will hopefully last longer than Paul's and my Insanity workout stint. Oh, I didn't tell you that we quit at Day 3? Probably because I was so embarrassed but, yeah, we decided that we weren't nearly insane enough for that crap. 

At a playdate with Dean
 At the zoo with Lexi
 Looking some dude up and down at the turtle exhibit. Luckily 
babies can usually get away with awkwardness like that.

 Sometimes I'm afraid he thinks he's a dog.
 Playing peekaboo under the trees at the dog 
park. Look at that huge cheesy grin. Such a ham!
 Loving on Rider.
 Loving on Posey.
 Yep, pretty sure he thinks he's a dog.
 At the Coronado Community Center pool
with Holly and Reagan.
 He was in heaven with all the locks and latches in the locker room.
 This is the day I discovered that this is what
he does when I ask him to smile. LOVE. IT.
 Go long!
 Big boy holding a worm.
 Reagan is so sweet with Wilder and calls
him "buddy." :)
 Spending some QT with his Rider girl.
 These dogs are saints.
 New favorite activity: jumping/flopping/
playing on the bed. The kid loves it and
would stay there for hours if I let him.
Pro: Ability to unload the dishwasher without
him grabbing at every sharp or breakable
object. Con: Triscuit crumbs in the bed because
he refuses to leave long enough for a snack.
 Second new favorite activity: Soccer-ing.
We pretty much take the soccer ball with
us everywhere we go on the off chance
that there will be an opportunity to kick it.
 Making music at the library.
 Taking care of some business while at the 
library for his regular Tuesday story time.
 Is there anything more fun than a bubble bath?
 He brought these two sheep to me 
and yelled BAHH!! very emphatically.
 Paul taught him the Home Alone face :-0
 Checking out a new park with Rachel and Lexi.
Whooaaa! Did you see that epic splash, Mom?!
 At a BBQ at my cousin Amber's house in La Habra.
Needless to say, Wilder learned the word "fuh-leeler"
on this trip.
 Love seeing these sweet boys playing together :)
 Newest little cousin, Tempe.
 Baby? What baby?
 Oh, that baby. Hey, baby, can you catch?
 Sweet cousins.
 Helping Tempe play.
 It's not humanly possible to take a decent
picture with three small children. I have
accepted this fact and I give you this photo --
the best we could do. ;)
 Manning the grill.
 Wilder quickly mastered the fork at breakfast
the next morning. Probably because there was
bacon on the other end of it.
 He went to bed saying ball and woke up saying 
ball. "Obsessed" might be an understatement.
 He sure loves his Dada!
 Playdate with Lexi.
 Totally digging the bouncy bridge.
 Oh, how I love this sweet boy.
 He made me get the picture of "Cullillium"
(Uncle William) down from the refrigerator
so he could study it. He will point to this picture
and then point to a picture of himself on the
tractor at my parents' house. It's so crazy that
he remembers that Uncle William drove him on
the tractor back in September when he was
10 months old!
I made a massive sweep of the yard and picked
up any and all dog poop remnants so he could
play out there. Now that's all he wants to do. 
 He loves exploring out there.
 Silly smiles.
He loves pointing to us and saying Mama, Dada and then
pointing to himself and saying Wi-Wi. It's possibly
the cutest thing I've ever seen.
 He always squawks at these Birds of Paradise in
the flower bed and insisted on "petting" them.
Paul and I both are just totally smitten with that silly, laughing, jumping, ball-throwing, dog-loving, (sometimes whining), happy, easy-going little dude. We marvel every single day at his innocence, his intelligence, his sense of humor, and at the pure joy with which he greets each new day. He makes us happy to be alive and we feel so lucky to be his parents.