December 10, 2010

Life of Wilder: Week Two

Week Two has been kind of a rough week for Wilder (and us). On Tuesday we had a doctor's appointment where he got circumcised. That understandably put him in a little bit of a funk for the rest of the week. Also at the doctor we discovered that he had developed thrush so she gave us a prescription for a liquid that I have to "paint" his tongue with and squirt in each cheek four times a day for two weeks. The liquid is sticky and obviously doesn't taste great and he is so content and sweet after eating that I hate putting that nasty stuff in his mouth afterwards. It is definitely working though so I can't complain too much. 

One good thing about the doctor's appointment was that he got weighed and had gained 10 ounces in a week. Our little piglet weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. on Tuesday and the doctor was very impressed with this :) 

He's still sleeping between us, which would be fine if he would sleep! This week he's decided that he doesn't like to lay down after eating... he wants to be sitting up, preferably with one of us also sitting up. So, I'll sit up in bed and rock him to sleep but then as soon as I go to lay him down he starts scrunching his face up and kicking his legs and works himself up to a full-blown cry. I don't get it -- he's not hungry, he's not wet, I give him Mylicon drops for gas, but it still takes me an hour or two after feeding him to get him back to sleep and by that time it's almost time to feed him again! Hopefully we can get this worked out soon. I'm open to suggestions!

My mom left early Thursday morning and man, do we miss her! She totally saved us while she was here -- cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, holding the baby some during the night so we could get a few hours of sleep. She was amazing and I seriously don't know what we would have done without her! 

Here are some of the new things we've been doing this week:

Staring at the Christmas tree lights

Loving the bouncer seat -- It vibrates and he will sit in it for an hour or more. This is great because it lets me get some work done!

Running errands with Mama and Grana -- Wilder and I just sat in the car while she ran in the stores, but he loved being in the car.

Loving on Daddy -- He is mesmerized by Paul's face and loves when he sings silly made-up songs to him.

Staring at the dogs -- He has finally discovered the two giant hairy family members who have been lurking around him for the past couple of weeks and loves to stare at them.

Going to the dog park for the first time, even though he didn't know it.

Discovering patterns -- He loves any contrasting patterns like the one on these pillows, the blinds on the windows, the beadboard on the walls of the nursery, stripes on a shirt, the dots on his comforter, etc. He will stare at them and make little cooing sounds at them. It's so cute :)

Let's see, what else? This week we've discovered that the sound of a loud vacuum cleaner really does soothe a baby. We've also been playing Mozart, which soothes him, and lullaby versions of Johnny Cash songs, which he loves (Thank you, Aunt Jinny!). He's also discovered a love for the pacifier. 

Now, here are some more pictures from Wilder's second week:

Well, I guess that's all for Wilder's 2-week update. Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Emily,
    I love reading your blog, Wilder is precious!...and it helps me to remember back to when Chase was that size. It seems like FOREVER ago. It goes by so fast! Anyways, a friend of mine gave me a suggestion when Chase was first born and wouldn't sleep (he may have his days and nights confused?)...she said to take him outside or put him in front of a window several times during the day so he could see that it was light, then at night start some sort of bedtime routine (we did bath, baby massage, then nurse/bottle, then bed - she called it "bath, bottle, bed") and we still do the same routine now. It's amazing how hyper he will be one minute then as soon as he gets his bath he instantly starts yawning and rubbing his eyes. Good luck! It goes by so fast, soon you won't even remember the sleepless nights!

  2. Emily, you look FABULOUS! Have you tried letting him sleep next to your bed in a bassinet instead of between you? He might be getting distracted by seeing you and Paul next to him. He's so precious!

  3. Guys, thank you so much for the suggestions! We had been trying the bassinet by our bed, but I think he was still getting too distracted by us (we must be super fascinating, ha!) so on Friday we decided to try him in his crib in the nursery. We swaddled him and gave him his pacifier and it was like magic! He's been sleeping in there ever since and we're getting a LOT more sleep! Maggie, I definitely think a bedtime routine will help with this too so I'll definitely be trying the "bath, bottle (nurse), bed" thing. Thanks again! :)


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