June 23, 2010

El Perro Es Terrible!

Posey made a little Mexican boy cry at the park today.

There are two kinds of people Posey inevitably barks at: homeless people (because they shuffle around creepily) and people approaching from a distance. My theory to explain the last one is that the poor dog is nearsighted and everyone far away looks like a blurry monster.

Anyway, we were walking at the park and both dogs were off leash, because, lets face it, I can't walk those big galoots on leash by myself, and this little Mexican boy about 4 years old was riding his little razor scooter just as happily as can be at the bottom of the park. Well, as we approached him, he caught Posey's attention and she starts bounding toward him giving him a couple of her best deep barks. Not menacingly, I thought, but more of an announcement that "There's some little blurry blob scooting around down there!"

Well, apparently he did take it as menacing, and seeing as how she's as tall as he was, I guess I can understand that. He got this terrified look on his face, turned that scooter around, and scooted away as fast as he could. A minute later I hear him crying hysterically to his mother; you know, that awful scream-cry kids do. So they go to leave and have to walk past us on the way out, him hiding behind his mother and still hysterically crying at just the thought of Posey who was curiously, I'm sure he thought ferociously, watching him the whole way.

I tried to call out to them that she's friendly, but they didn't speak English and the only Spanish adjectives I could remember at the time were "grande" and "terrible," both of which he would have agreed with; but I'm pretty sure that yelling "El perro es terrible" wouldn't have helped my cause. "Amistosa" apparently is the word I was looking for there, but unfortunately my four semesters of Spanish in college were to no avail.

So anyway, this incident started me worrying all over again about the dogs and the baby. They have never been around kids, ever, and granted he won't be approaching them from a distance on a razor scooter but he will be living with them on a daily basis. The dogs have ruled the roost for so long, I'm not sure how they'll handle being bumped down a few notches on the totem pole. My friend Tiffany, who has two dogs and a baby, assures me that they'll do fine, and I probably am overreacting a little but I'm still worried that this kid's feet won't be able to touch the ground until he starts kindergarten. I'm just hoping they'll turn over a new leaf and learn to be gentle once they meet the little guy; maybe even be protective of him; maybe he can even ride them like horses, since they are so "grande" after all. :)


  1. So cute. Laughed out loud in the library reading this. The dogs are going to love the baby - I can feel it. : )

  2. Just be sure to teach the baby to ride a scooter as soon as possible.

  3. Cuddles is ferocious and would eat any 3rd party but she guards aniston and Blane and is so gentle with them. I think dogs understand more then we think. Cuddles would sniff my pregnant belly a lot tOo, maybe she put it all together?

  4. Posie does look somewhat maniacal in this photo.

    MU ha ha ha ha ha!

  5. Those pups will surprise you, I promise! They are going to love that baby and they will be the best of friends! :)


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