June 20, 2010

While the Cat's Away the Mice Will... Start a Blog

So, while Paul is out of town for a couple of days at a Rammed Earth workshop in Arizona I decided to start a blog... partially out of boredom in his absence but mostly as a way to keep our family and friends back home updated on our life out here in Southern California. I've started blogs in the past and never stuck with them, but now that we have something exciting to talk about, i.e. baby on the way, I promise to try and update the site at least once a week.

This is a 3D ultrasound picture of Baby Taylor at 15 weeks (about 2 1/2 weeks ago). It was so amazing to see him in 3D and of course to find out that he's a "he." We were high-fiving and crying with joy at the news because we both had secretly been hoping for a boy :) I loved being able to see his full face and his little grin... I think he looks like Paul already.

This week has been the first time I haven't been able to button my pants, which under normal circumstances would cause me to panic, but in this case is very exciting! Over the next couple of weeks the baby is supposed to double in size so I expect to be outgrowing more clothes very soon. Also this week, today actually, is the first time I've been able to feel him moving. I felt a few pokes this morning while laying in bed, but then this afternoon it felt like he was doing flips in there. For a couple of hours I kept feeling these crazy flutters and pokes like he was literally bouncing off the walls. We already knew he was an active baby -- on one of our first ultrasounds we caught him wildly flailing his arms around and kicking up a storm -- but it's so amazing to actually feel it. It makes everything just a little more real.

We go for our 20-week ultrasound on July 1st and we can't wait to see him again. We could stare at that ultrasound screen for hours!


  1. We can't wait for baby Taylor to be here! Love and miss you guys terribly!

  2. This makes me really excited that you're blogging. I'm so happy for you and Paul!

  3. I am so happy you are blogging! Can't wait to read more! Love you!

  4. I am so happy for both of you.... We will check your blog to see the updates of baby Taylor :)

  5. I think I see a little beard growing already.


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