May 20, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Twenty-Five

I am giddy with excitement today because next weekend my baby brother is getting married! And we get to come to Tennessee and see all of our family and friends who care about us! And we get to be a part of the wedding! And it's going to be such a happy, joyful time! I'm also giddy with freaking out a little bit because I haven't started packing! I haven't even pulled out suitcases! We're flying with a very active and noisy 6-month-old instead of a sleepy and easily-entertained 3-month-old! Yeah, it's going to be fun and exciting and exhausting and a little stressful and happy and joyful, but what trip home isn't? 

I'm so happy for my brother and his soon-to-be Mrs.! They have great chemistry together and are so much fun to be around. I just adore both of them... OK, now I'm crying. I know the wedding is going to be so beautiful and I'm so excited to welcome Lauren into our family :) Aren't they a gorgeous couple?
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dabney Photography)

Last Sunday was a day that reminded me why I love where we live. We walked one block away from our house and were in the middle of the North Park Festival of Arts, where there were six music stages, dozens of food vendors, a craft beer block, and hundreds of art booths. We had fun walking around, eating, and looking at all of the art and Wilder was fascinated by all the new and different sights, sounds, and smells.
 Paul with his basket of fried goodness: fried catfish, 
fried hush puppies, and french fries, haha :)

It rained two days in a row this week, which is very unusual. Half of me was perturbed because we couldn't go for walks or get out in the yard, but the other half of me was secretly glad because I didn't have to get dressed or feel like "It's such a beautiful day, we need to go do something." I tell ya, it's exhausting having all this nice weather all the time. Sometimes a girl needs an excuse to be lazy ;) So anyway, we did a lot of playing indoors those days. A lot of practicing standing, jumperoo-ing, walking around grabbing things, loving on the dogs, and finding new toys to play with...
Wilder also finally starting putting his feet in his mouth. He's like way behind on this I think, but since he's so obsessed with rolling onto his belly, he spends almost zero time on his back so he never really had the chance to discover these built-in toys/teethers I guess. This is something I've been waiting on because I think it's one of the cutest things babies do so I'm really excited he's finally doing it.
He's also been loving on his daddy as usual this week. Wilder loves playing with Paul and it makes me so happy to see them together...
And look at this face when Daddy walks into the room. Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever seen? :)

Yesterday Wilder and I met Amber and Henry and my other cousin/Amber's sister, Ansley, in Carlsbad for lunch. Ansley lives and works at Winter Park in Colorado where it's 20 degrees and snowing this week so she was excited to get out of that for a few days and she hadn't met Wilder yet so we were really excited to see her. We had lunch at Bistro West, which I just happened to find on Yelp and it was sooo delicious... very highly recommended if you ever find yourself in Carlsbad. I had an amazing chopped wedge salad with avocado slices, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, blue cheese crumbles, and gorgonzola dressing. It sounds so simple but it was out of this world! After lunch we went down the street to a really pretty park where we played on the playground with the boys and then we walked across the street to the beach and strolled along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was such a gorgeous day!

This weekend we are so excited to get a short visit from Paul's dad. He's attending a conference in Las Vegas this week and is flying in for the day on Saturday to see us. We can't wait for him to see how big Wilder's gotten! :) And next Tuesday we have Wilder's six-month doctor's appointment so I'll have his six-month stats next week. 

Here are a few more cute pictures from this week...

Wilder's first shorts
Being entertained by the dogs
Future Zoolander?
Sweet happy boy :)

Alright, y'all, have a great weekend!

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