March 20, 2012

Life is Beautiful... If You Decide It Is

I'm claiming today to be a GREAT day! Paul is almost finished with finals and will then have two whole weeks off from school, my mom is here visiting and we are so enjoying spending time with her, and I have the most amazing little fellow in my life to remind me every day what my purpose is.

Here's what we've been up to lately...

I went to a surprise baby shower for my friend, Lien. Oh, how I love surprises! Paul kept Wilder for me so it was a fun morning having some time with just the ladies.
We've had many a trip to the dog park, of course. Wilder loves exploring there and always leaves so dirty. He collects rocks and sticks, digs in the dirt, and climbs on things. Such a boy!
When I was getting him dressed this
day, he went into his closet and
pointed emphatically at his MS State
hat so I put it on him and he wore
it the entire day. Love my little Bulldog!
Only my child would bring a book
to the dog park, haha ;)
The weather hasn't always been great so we've done some playing at home, which is fine. We always find stuff to get into.
Here he is yelling "Dada!" out the window.
Paul was studying at the coffee shop down 
the street and when I texted him this picture
he came home right away. He hates being
away from his little buddy and he needed a
good excuse to take a study break :)
 This is Wilder's new favorite seat.
Rider's not happy about it but 
she tolerates him. 
 Playing "search and rescue boat"
 He's been very climb-y lately and is pleased
as punch with his new hobby.
 He has learned to climb up and
go down the slide all by himself!
 He also likes to check out the
mechanics of the slide.
We've also had several play dates of course.
We love storytime at the library and try
to go every week.
Wilder and Lexi
 Wilder: (super loud and obnoxious bird sound)
Lexi: Um, yeah, that's a skunk.
 Taking care of some business on the computer
 Playing at the park with Dean
 The "I just ate a mouthful of sand and
immediately regret it" face
 Play date at Rachel and Lexi's house
Wilder enjoys being serenaded at dinner
Best of all, my mom has been here visiting since Saturday! We are loving having her here -- Wilder loves showing off for her and she has helped so much by watching him while I get stuff done (and also helping with my backlog of laundry, haha). 
 We took a trip to the aquarium in 
La Jolla the other day
 Getting up close and personal
 That pointer finger got quite a workout.
 Petting a starfish.
 Pumping water by pedaling a bike. Wilder
thought this was hilarious.
 Watching some basketball.
 Paul and I got to have a little date
night the other night. It was sooo nice!
Life is good!


  1. That person is missing out on a beautiful soul with many talents and a huge heart. I'm glad you had a fun week!

  2. we still need to pay a visit to the LJ aquarium, I bet Jack would love it!

    nothing is better than time off from work and loads of family time!! looks like you guys had so much fun :)


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