March 5, 2012

Product Review: Freshpet Ready to Bake Cookies

When Freshpet contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would be interested in reviewing their new line of ready to bake dog cookies I was thrilled! I immediately had flashbacks to my brief stint as a dog treat baker. When we lived in Starkville, MS, I ran a booth one summer at the community market selling homemade dog treats to raise money for the local humane society. I had so much fun coming up with different recipes and Rider and Posey loved getting to test them all out.
Unfortunately making my own was a lot of work and since Wilder came into the picture baking dog treats from scratch is definitely not on the priority list. That has left me in a dilemma -- I don't feel good about giving my girls the crap they sell at the grocery store but I also can't justify spending tons of money on high-quality dog treats. For the last few years I've resorted to just treating them to chunks of cheese and other "people food." But Freshpet's Ready to Bake Cookies have solved my problem. 
From the first batch, I was hooked and so were the dogs. For one thing, they are so unbelievably easy! Each box comes with 18 pre-formed cookies that you just plop onto a baking sheet, flatten with the palm of your hand a little, and stick in the oven. Within minutes the smell of fresh-baked cookies filled the kitchen. Freshpet says, "The cookies look and smell so delicious you'll be tempted to try them" and they aren't joking! Paul was really disappointed when I told him they were just for the dogs. The dogs, on the other hand, were over the moon that I was baking for them again. Somehow they knew right away that those cookies were for them and they stayed by my side the whole time I was preparing them. Even after I put them in the oven, Rider wouldn't let them out of her sight!
They took about 14 minutes to bake and by that time the girls were so excited they could hardly wait for them to cool off before trying them. And who could blame them? I mean, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal and Oatmeal & Cranberry flavors? I have to admit, my mouth was watering!
So, what's the verdict? Well, Rider and Posey devoured three each that first night and licked the floor clean of crumbs so I would say the cookies were as delicious as they smelled! What's even better is that although each box comes with 18 cookies, which wouldn't seem like it would last very long in our two-(large)-dog house, the cookies end up being fairly large themselves so my girls have been totally satisfied with splitting one between them since taste-test night. For a single dog or a small dog, 18 cookies would really go a long way. 

And to me, the price is right, especially for the quality, all-natural ingredients they are made from. The Dog Joy PB & Oatmeal cookies retail for around $4.99 a box and the Dognation Oatmeal & Cranberry retail for around $6.99 a box. I easily found them at Petco down the street and at a nearby grocery store using the handy store locator on Freshpet's website. Click here to find them in a store near you. Your dog will thank you! 

And be sure to check out Freshpet's website for their entire line of fresh pet food made from high-quality, all-natural meats and vegetables. 

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