April 11, 2012

Insanity and Easter

Man, I'm having a hard time pumping out the blogposts this month! Paul started back to school on Monday so hopefully I can get back into the groove soon. Although he did rope me into starting the Insanity workout with him so I may also be dead soon. Have you guys heard of/seen/done this? The name is totally appropriate because this workout regimen is quite literally INSANE. We did the Fitness Test on Monday and I was sore and exhausted after just that! Tonight was day 2 of the workout and I'm legitimately hurting and walking like I have no joints in my legs. The workouts are forty minutes of basically nonstop jumping/kicking/punching/push-upping/running/wanting to kill yourself. Luckily it's only a 60-day program. Surely we can do it for just a couple of months. I'll tell you one thing, if we can stick with it we will be totally beach-ready at the end of it (just in time to probably move away from the beach, haha). 

We had such a good time with Paul over his break. He's in the middle of thesis, of course, so he still had to work a bit but he completely took off last weekend so we enjoyed three whole days of uninterrupted time with him and it was glorious! On Friday, we went to Fiesta Island to give Wilder some space to run his little heart out. We walked up and down trails, picking up rocks and sticks, stopping to smell flowers, and chasing each other. It was so much fun and so relaxing.
Over at the beach, there were tons of dudes kite surfing so we went over to watch them before we left. Wilder was totally fascinated of course and the one closest to us was showing off for him. At one point he even came sliding in onto the beach right at our feet and Wilder just stared at him like What in the world are you doing, good sir??
On Saturday there were a bunch of Easter egg hunts going on around town so we took Wilder to an event at a park down the street. The event started at 10:00 AM and apparently the egg hunt started at 10:01 because by the time we got there at 10:30 all we could find were three mismatched halves of eggs. Fail. Oh well, Wilder didn't care one bit. All he knew was that he got to play on the playground, carry around some weird empty basket, and people-watch, his favorite activity. Dude just went with the flow as usual.
We did track down the Easter Bunny (or "Spring Bunny" as they were calling him, haha) and managed two pretty awful pictures with him. If I really cared I would get on Photoshop and try to merge the two pictures so that we were all looking and smiling at the same time but picture-perfect pictures with the Easter Bunny aren't exactly a top priority in our house. 
Afterwards we went to lunch at The Station in South Park. We hadn't been there in a while but we remembered they have a little kids' play area on their back patio so it was the perfect place for us to eat in peace while Wilder played on the cute little trolley and periodically stopped for bites of his tofu dog. 
After a good nap we took a family trip to the dog park. For some reason, that day there were a ton of extra tennis balls lying around so Wilder had the best time throwing them over and over and over while Paul fielded for him.
Getting tickles :)
Best buds
Sunday morning we were excited to give Wilder his Easter basket and he was equally as excited to receive it. I couldn't even get a nice little picture of him holding it because as soon as we set it in his lap he dug right in. 
Sunday afternoon we were invited to an egg hunt and early dinner at Rachel's sister's house. Wilder was the only little boy there and he immediately confiscated every ball in sight and proceeded to throw to his heart's content. He did not stop playing the entire time we were there and we all had such a good time. He even caught on quickly to the concept of the egg hunt and ended up with a respectable amount of eggs. 
Only four feet inside the front door and he
magically already has a ball in hand.
Getting ready for the egg hunt. Wilder found
the texture of that plant to be mildly disturbing
apparently by the look on his face. Also, 
if you'll notice, ball still in hand of course.
 Spotted one right out of the gate!
 Checking out the competition ;)
 One of the only pictures of him actually
holding the basket. I think he thought I was
his egg hunt caddy.
 Easter cuties with their loot.
 Mmm, chocolate!
 Rachel and her sister had put together
goodie baskets for all the kids. So sweet!
 Love them!
 He found the Holy Grail of balls :)
 He kept giving Lexi kisses. It was the sweetest thing!
Love my little family!
 And I especially love this little guy. I don't
think he could be any more precious in this
adorable Easter outfit. :)
After playing so hard on Easter Wilder slept until a wonderful 8:00 AM on Monday! Needless to say we both woke up in awesome moods so we put one of his Easter gifts to good use. No way was I turning him loose with finger paint anywhere in the house so I came up with the brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea of letting him paint in the bathtub. He thought it was hilarious and had such a good time making a big mess that couldn't have been easier to clean up afterwards. 
On Tuesday we went to storytime at the library as usual with Rachel and Lexi. Wilder had decided at lunch to put peanut butter hands all over his lovely locks so it was necessary for him to wear his Mississippi State hat that day. Not that he cared -- the boy loves wearing hats. He was totally into the storytime and was all participatory and stuff -- listening (very) closely to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, breaking it down to Wheels on the Bus, and proudly showing off his "Good Work" sticker. 
Here are a few more cute pictures of our sweet boy...
On a mission with his buddies at the dog park
His new favorite thing to do
Happy, laughy baby
He saw the dogs lying next to each other and
went right over and plopped down between them.
He loves those girls :)


  1. Glad ya'll had a great Easter! Miss you guys! :)

  2. I love seeing how much fun he had meeting the Spring Bunny, finding Spring Eggs, and wearing his Spring outfit. :|


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