November 8, 2010

Done and Done

After one week off of work I feel about 100 times more prepared for this baby (and about 1000 times more annoyed with these dogs... but let's focus on the prepared part). I got all the baby clothes and bedding washed, made one (hopefully) last big trip to Target, got extra flea meds from the vet for the dogs, finished packing for the hospital for the most part, took the car to get detailed, got Paul to install the car seat, finished thank-you notes, and completed my huge cooking/freezing undertaking. 

I made green bean casserole, hashbrown casserole, poppyseed chicken casserole, chicken/broccoli/rice casserole, tortilla chicken soup, chili, and sausage balls. I had a few other recipes I was going to make as well but, as you can see below, my freezer simply couldn't hold anything else and might possibly catch on fire from all the extra work it's doing right now. FYI, there's actually another row behind the row showing on the top shelf. I'm pretty proud of myself :) Now let's just hope that, when we go to eat all of this, it still tastes decent or I'll cry.
So now I can spend the rest of the time until Wilder decides to come sleeping in, resting, walking/yoga'ing, reading, etc. I feel so much better having gotten all of that out of the way last week. Now it's just a matter of waiting and I really feel like it won't be that long. Of course, I may bite my tongue later for saying that, but my Braxton-Hicks contractions have gotten a lot more intense and regular. For the past three nights, they have woken me up about every hour or hour and a half and I have them throughout the day pretty regularly too. I go back to my midwife tomorrow so I'm going to ask her to check if I'm dilated. Next week we'll probably start trying to self-induce if he hasn't come already. I go between feeling ready for him to get here and scared to death about delivering, but the pendulum's swinging more towards "ready" these days. 

By the way, here's where baby Wilder will be sleeping in our room for the first few weeks. It's Paul's Moses basket from when he was a baby and we have a rocking stand that it sits in. Lovie (Paul's mom) shipped it to us the other day and she had made all new bedding for it. Isn't it beautiful? :)
Well, I better go start on my resting for the day, haha! Hope everyone has a good week! 


  1. I can't wait to see pics of that sweet baby boy!!! Rest up while you can bc once he's here it will be non-stop! :) But so fun! And by the way...I make AT LEAST 2 trips to Target a week so I doubt that will be your last...haha!

  2. You are so much more prepared than we were! I know you are so ready for Wilder to be here; good luck with everything!


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