November 19, 2010

He's (Not) Here!

I've learned a lot since becoming pregnant, like the importance of staying hydrated and that my stomach can grow bigger than I ever imagined. Today I'd like to share with you my most recent lesson... NEVER ask a pregnant woman who is approaching her due date if the baby has come yet. I'm sure I've been guilty of this in the past, and to anyone I have done this to, I am truly sorry. 

In the last week I have gotten a crazy number of inquiries as to whether or not Wilder has arrived. Don't get me wrong, I truly, honestly appreciate the thought behind these inquiries but don't people know that when he does make his appearance I will be shouting it from the rooftops? It's not like I've secretly given birth and refuse to tell anyone. I understand, I live far away and people can't see for themselves that my belly is still obviously full of baby; but, until you hear otherwise, please just ask how I'm feeling or say that you're thinking about me. It's already stressful enough to have to wait and wait and wait, but add on top of that friends and family asking "Is he here yet?" "Is he here yet?" "Is he here yet?" and it's really sending me over the edge. 

I know I will probably hurt some people's feelings with this post and I will be very sad if everyone stops communicating with me altogether as a result, but I just couldn't take it any longer. Believe me, no one wants him here more than I do, but besides transferring my care to a physician instead of a midwife so I can be medically-induced, there is not much I can really do to control his birth date. (P.S. I wasn't dilated enough on Tuesday for the midwife to strip my membranes, so that tells you how far along I'm not.) I've already tried walking hills and sex (sorry, Daddy, if you're reading this haha) and we're going to an Italian restaurant tonight to eat Eggplant Parmesan; but the more I read about induction the more I kind of just want him to come on his own when he's ready. 

According to the Lamaze website, early induction can lead to a more painful labor and delivery as well as feeding and breathing problems for the baby. But this is what is really convincing me to wait it out: According to research, the baby himself actually initiates the labor process. When his lungs are fully mature, he releases a protein that tells his mother's body that it's time. To me, that's the way it's supposed to be and I don't think we should mess with that too much. It's definitely the greatest lesson in patience I've ever had, but I know I can do it... with a little help from my friends :)

Even though I look like crap, feel like a whale, and would rather cut my own arm off than be in a picture right now, here's some proof that Wilder has not come into the world without anyone knowing about it:
To all of my friends and family, if I haven't offended you so much that you've stopped reading by this point, I want to tell you how much of an encouragement you have been to me over the last 9 months. I have truly felt your love and support across the miles through your blog and Facebook comments, your emails, and your calls/texts. Thank you for not forgetting about me and for making me feel not so isolated. I've been so happy to share my pregnancy adventures with you and, I promise, when the big day finally arrives no one will be left out of the loop. I have a long list of people to call/text and I'm taking my computer to the hospital with me. I will so bombard you with news that you will probably be sick of hearing about it, I can assure you :) 

Happy Friday everyone and much love to you all!


  1. Well said Emily. :) I can totally understand how ready you are to meet Baby Wilder and I applaud you for waiting until he is FINALLY ready to make his grand appearance. The last week or so was the most difficult for me, I was so ready to hold Gracie in my arms, I could hardly stand it, but the joy of knowing that she came when she was good and ready was such a blessing, rather than forcing her out before the time was right. The hardest and most exciting part is that we have no control over the timing. I know you're totally anxious for his arrival and so are WE! Hang in there, the most exciting time of your life is right around the corner. :):):)
    Love ya, Lainey

  2. Thank you Lainey! I really needed to hear that today! :) Love you!


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