November 3, 2010

Wilder's Nursery

Man, have I gotten a lot done this week! Along with about a million other things, I'm done with thank-you notes, almost finished washing all of the baby stuff, and yesterday I spent two hours grocery shopping. I wanted to stock up on things we use a lot as well as ingredients for about 10 different recipes I'm planning on making and freezing so I won't have to go to the store for a while after Wilder gets here. I ended up with two shopping carts and looking like I was preparing for Y2K. We'll just call it Wilder2K :) 

So, I was planning on getting up and starting my cooking marathon this morning but Posey's stomach had other plans. Apparently sometime last night she did something awful in their room and it was all over the floor, the walls, their bedding, and both dogs. It took me a couple of hours to clean up and afterwards I was so grossed out that I went on a cleaning frenzy throughout the rest of the house. Now I'm too tired to start cooking so I decided to take a break and post some pictures of the nursery since it's finally complete. 

Now all that's left is to put a baby in it! He is full-term tomorrow and hopefully not too long after that we'll get to meet him. OK, I think now it's nap-time. Adios!


  1. Everything turned out so cute! I love the balls hanging above the crib...they look perfect with the bedding.

  2. Thank you Amanda! I've been meaning to send you a FB message... We got your package on Monday and everything is soooo cute!! I put a thank-you note in the mail to you but wanted to gush a little more about the adorable monogrammed onesies and blanket! I LOVE them! Thank you for being so thoughtful. I'm so excited you're having a boy too, that will be so fun! :)

  3. Oh Emily, the nursery is absolutely adorable!!! You have worked so hard and it totally paid off. I just love it.


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