January 21, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Eight

I can't believe my precious Wilder is already two months old! Where's the pause button?? In the last 8 weeks our lives have been turned inside-out, upside-down, and backwards. SO much has happened and Wilder has gone from a tiny eating / pooping / crying / sleeping veritable fetus to a chubby eating / pooping / crying / sleeping / laughing / cooing / playing / leg-kicking / world-watching / rolling over baby. 

Yes, you read that right -- rolling over! I was doing tummy time with him on Wednesday and all of a sudden he straightened one arm above his head, pushed off with the other arm, kicked his legs over and he was on his back! My jaw dropped to the floor and I ran for the video camera. I turned him back over and, lo and behold, he did it again, and again, and again! I sat there and videoed him for 5 whole minutes flipping that little body over... and then I realized that, in all my excitement, I hadn't pressed Record. Ugh! I was so disgusted with myself! By the time I realized this he was getting tired but I was NOT about to miss getting that milestone on camera so here he is grumpily humoring me by rolling over a few extra times (at the beginning you can hear me realizing my dumb mistake, haha):

Last Saturday we took Wilder on his first social outing. Some friends of ours were having a few people over from Paul's studio and they've all been dying to see the baby so we took him out for a little while. Even though it was past his bedtime, he did great. Paul and I took turns holding him facing out into the room and he sat there looking all around the place and staring at all the faces surrounding him. Everyone got a kick out of him because he would study each new person's face for 5-10 minutes and then go on to the next one. He was so amazed at all those new people staring at him. He was definitely the life of the party :)

This has been a really long week. Wilder went back to his 3-hour eating schedule over the weekend (thank goodness!) so that's helped but he hasn't really wanted to nap during the day so we've both been tired and grumpy all week. Also, Paul got an internship opportunity that he couldn't turn down with Teddy Cruz (his work has been in the Museum of Modern Art) so three mornings a week he's gone by 8:00. I'm really proud of him and happy that he has this opportunity, but this means that, whereas before he would get up with Wilder for a couple of hours in the morning and let me catch up on my sleep, now I'm up all night and all day with the baby. And if he doesn't nap, which has been the case this week, then I can't nap. It's been pretty frustrating. BUT for his 2-month birthday he gave me the best present ever last night -- he only woke up one time to eat! Oh, it was fabulous, glorious, amazing! The most sleep I've had consecutively since November! Of course, I'm sure it was more of a fluke result of him missing naps all week than the start of a better sleeping pattern, but I'll take it. 

Ever since he got his vaccinations, we've been getting out a lot more running errands and going for walks. It feels good to get out of the house. This weekend we're going to take him to Balboa Park and then next week I found a Baby Yoga class I'm going to try out and also take him to my old work to visit everyone. The past two months have been awesome and it's just going to keep getting better and better. I'm so thankful for this little man in my life!

Also, we want to wish Wilder's precious Grana a very happy birthday on Sunday! I can only hope to be as good a mom to him as she has been to me. Her generosity of spirit and kindness of heart are unmatched by anyone I know. We love you and can't wait to see you soon!

Here are some pictures from our week:

Best time of the day... when Dad 
 gets home from school!

He loves playing by himself in the Pack n' Play. 
He laughs at and tries to talk to all the toys. 

Even though he hates tummy time, he's 
definitely getting the hang of it.

Shopping at Target with Mom -- 
First time in the stroller. He kept looking up
at me like "Why are you so far away and what's 
this rolling thing I'm in?"

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I can't handle all of the cuteness!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I'm sure you understand now that you have a little chubs making you do everything for you! :)

    Rory went through a no sleeping phase. It is so hard but I promise it gets better. And I totally understand ab Paul being gone. Andy leaves every morning around 5:45 and gets home after 6. Its so hard at first, but that gets better too! Its even harder when you are nursing- I couldn't, so sometimes if I was REALLY desperate I'd just wake Andy up and say "I can't". haha!

  2. Good job Wilder!!! What a big boy rolling over already! I just love reading your blog Emily. I feel like I already know Wilder so well. He is such a cutie pie.

  3. Em, you're such a wonderful mom! Love hearing you "mommie talk" to your little one... Precious.

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