January 7, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Six

Disclaimer: I always told myself I wouldn't be the type of mom to post 27 photos of my baby in the same pose because only she can tell the slight difference between all of them and only she thinks they are all so adorable that she can't choose between them... but I guess I lied to myself because I really couldn't choose between these and I think you guys really want/need to see all of them ;)

Official 6 Week Photo

Happy dancing baby

Laughing hysterically


 "Oh Mom, you're a hoot!"

As you can tell, we've had such a fun week. Wilder really started cooing a lot and we discovered that he thinks it's utterly brilliant when we "Ooh ooh" back at him. He gets SO excited that we're speaking his language, gets this big grin on his face, and proceeds to coo back at us, laugh, and jump all around. It absolutely melts our hearts and we can't get enough of it. There has never been more laughter, joy, and monosyllabic speech in our house than this first week in 2011. 

Here's a video I shot this morning of our fun new morning routine. Please try to ignore my annoying "Ooh ooh"-ing and Wilder's inopportune bowel movement at the end... Enjoy!

The schedule is going pretty well. We've made a few adjustments here and there over the week and overall it's allowing us to get more done because we know when he'll be napping, eating, etc. Wilder is still getting used to napping in his crib during the day, but he seems to be sleeping better at night. I read that the better/more sleep babies get during the day the better they sleep at night and that does seem to be the case. At least once during the night he'll sleep for a four or five hour stretch, which is glooorious! 

Ever since he was born he's been on a three-hour eating schedule and I consider myself lucky for this but the last few days he's been wanting to eat more like every 2 or 2 1/2 hours. I think he must be going through a growth spurt so I've been trying to accommodate him. I do NOT want him to make this a habit though because I was really hoping to start stretching him to four hours soon. Oh well, he's a growing boy, obviously -- we weighed him the other day at home and he weighed 11 pounds! 

We go to the doctor for his 2-month appointment next Friday and he can finally start getting his vaccines. I'm having mixed feelings about this -- I'm mostly really excited because I've been a nervous wreck for the last month and a half worrying about him getting whooping cough, but I'm also afraid I might slap the nurse when she makes my baby cry with those shots. Hopefully I can restrain myself :)

Speaking of medical issues... Wilder's thrush is just now going away. He's had it for a month and has gone through two prescriptions for Nystatin -- that nasty, sticky stuff I never should have complained about -- and this week the doctor recommended an even worse remedy... Gentian Violet. Here's what he looked like the first time we applied it (luckily we got better at it real fast and the next day's application didn't end with such frightening results):
Poor baby!

Now that I've thoroughly scared you with my little Goth baby, here are some much cuter pictures from this week:

We love these Wubbanub pacifiers... he can hold onto 
them and they are just so darn cute :)

It breaks my heart, but he can no longer fit into
most of his newborn-sized clothes. Here he is 
in his first 0-3 month outfit.

At our favorite place -- the dog park

A beautiful photo Paul took of him this morning --
we had a very successful photo shoot today so
expect birth announcements in the mail soon!

Love this sweet face!

This is Paul's last weekend before going back to school. We've had such a wonderful three weeks with him all to ourselves. Wilder absolutely adores him and lights up every time he sees him. It's so precious! 

Also this weekend we're getting a visit from my cousin Amber, her husband, and little boy, Henry. We've been looking forward to getting Henry and Wilder together for so long and we are super excited to see these guys on Sunday! I know it's going to be such a special time. 

OK y'all, have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Okay, Em & Paul, I know I'm just a grandmother, but Wilder is the cutest, sweetest, most intelligent baby I have ever seen. I know Granna agrees. And we are not prejudice, are we Marsha?
    Hugs & lots of kisses, Lovie

  2. wilder is getting SO big, em! he is precious. and i peed my pants a little when i heard the bowel movement at the end of your video. and ps. i LOVE when you post a lot of pictures!


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