February 25, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Thirteen

This week Wilder asked me to make him a shirt that would express his excitement about coming to visit his Tennessee family and friends in just a few days. He told me he's really a Southern boy at heart ;)

The past week has mostly been spent looking forward to and preparing for our trip next week. The forecast calls for a cold front with a high of 40 degrees to move in to TN the day we get there of course! So we had to make a few cold weather purchases...

Last weekend was nice and lazy. We just went shopping, took the dogs to the park, and hung out around the house. The hanging out turned fairly eventful though actually. On Saturday I was playing on the floor with Wilder when he flipped onto his side like he's been doing and then proceeded to scream like someone bench-pressing too much weight as he tried to roll on over. Even though he sounded like he was being murdered, I just sat there and watched him for a minute to see if he would do it. I knew if I helped him instead of letting him figure it out it would take him a lot longer to learn. After a minute or two that felt like an eternity he made it onto his belly. I didn't get it on video that day but I did get a picture of him immediately afterwards. I will never forget the look of surprise on his face. It was priceless. :)

I was more prepared with the video camera a few days later when I realized he was about to try it again. Warning: Might want to turn your volume down low... he's pretty intense about it. Oh and after he gets onto his stomach he looks like he has awful head control but he's really just doing his newest cute thing, which is burying his face when he gets excited. He does this when he sees himself in the mirror too. It just melts my heart :)

On Sunday we put him in the Johnny Jump-up for the first time. It's pretty funny how serious he is about it. He got a few good jumps in that day and I've put him in it a few times since and he's gotten better at it each time. It's also really helped him hold his head up better. Now, when I'm holding him, I don't have to support his head anymore, yay! Plus it's great exercise for him. 

Also on Sunday we finally tried letting him sleep unswaddled for the first time. I've been putting it off because I was afraid he wouldn't sleep well and it would break his sleeping through the night streak. He must have been ready for it though because it didn't faze him and he slept great. I'm sooo glad we're past that now. It's a lot quicker/easier to put him to bed and down for naps, plus he looks so darn cute in his little footed sleepers :)

He keeps insisting on rolling onto his stomach to sleep though and it scares the crap out of me when I wake up and see him like that on the monitor. I always jump out of bed and rush in there to make sure he's still breathing. I know you're not supposed to put them on their stomachs to sleep but what if they roll over in the night themselves? I can't find anything that addresses this and I'm so worried about SIDS. Supposedly they are most susceptible to it between 2 and 4 months old so that makes me worry even more. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Monday I ran some errands and went to my new favorite place -- Toys r Us. Believe it or not I've only been to Babies r Us once and it was just to buy a changing table. I didn't even register there. That store is so freaking huge, it's kind of overwhelming! But I decided to brave it this week because I'm tired of Target's clothing selection. I accidentally looked up directions to Toys r Us instead though and didn't realize it until I got there. I didn't even know they had baby stuff but I went in anyway just to check. MUCH better! They have all the baby stuff you would need but in a smaller, more concentrated section that you aren't in danger of getting lost in. Plus, really cute clothes and great sales! I've been there twice already this week. I'm pretty excited about my new discovery... Paul is not so much :) 

Tuesday was a really fun day. Wilder and I drove up to San Juan Capistrano about an hour north of San Diego and met my cousin Amber and her little boy Henry there. We went to lunch first so I could feed Wilder. It was the first time I had given him a bottle myself and it took a little while to convince him of it but he finally cooperated. Of course I had to sit there staring at my delicious Monte Cristo sandwich while he took his time eating... oh the life of a baby! Anyway, after lunch we walked over to the Mission, which was absolutely gorgeous! It was such a nice day and we had a great time walking around looking at everything. I'll definitely be taking anyone who comes out to visit up there. After that we walked around the cute little main street area for a little while before heading home. 

Wilder was super interested haha

 Henry trying to check out who that is in the other stroller

I love seeing these two boys together... how cute are they!

Much to my dismay we didn't make it to yoga on Wednesday. Wilder got thrown off his nap schedule that morning and didn't end up falling asleep until 15 minutes before it was time to leave and I wasn't about it wake him up. With the trip coming up I'll probably miss it for the next two weeks too :(

It's been kind of chilly here for the last half of the week so other than a trip to the dog park we've mostly just played inside. He's getting to be so much fun to play with. He's always been interested in his reflection in the mirror but now he loves watching himself. I was holding him in front of it yesterday and when he first caught a glimpse of himself he pulled his head back and opened his eyes wide like he was surprised, then he stared intently at himself for a minute, and then started to smile. When he saw his reflection smiling back, he smiled even bigger and then laughed out loud a few times and buried his face in my shoulder. Gah, he is just so adorable! I can't wait for all of our family and friends to see him again or meet him for the first time! I know it's going to be pretty stressful getting him there by myself and trying to see everyone but it will be so worth it. I'm so looking forward to heading to the Southeast on Tuesday! 

Oh, and I almost forgot... This week is our two year anniversary of moving to San Diego. It was a big decision for Paul to switch from Engineering grad school to Architecture grad school and an even bigger decision to leave all our family and friends and move 1,900 miles away, but I'm proud of the life we've made out here and I absolutely love living here. We definitely want to be closer to home eventually but I wouldn't change a thing about the last two years. This adventure has brought Paul and I so much closer as a couple and stronger and more open-minded as people. It has also made us appreciate where we came from and we'll return to the South, when we do, happy to be back. 

Here are a couple of more cute pictures from this week:

Getting into prime rolling over position

Wore himself out playing

Testing out our inclement weather 
gear at the dog park

Alright y'all, have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing a lot of you next week!


  1. mc did the same thing this week, so i immediately checked out my "what to expect the first year" book. it addresses it on page 355 and basically there's nothing you can do about it.

    they say: "once babies learn to flip, there's just no keeping them on their backs if they prefer their bellies. and not only is there no point in trying to keep your baby on his belly, there's no point in worrying if you can't. experts agree that a baby who is able to change positions easily is at a significantly decreased risk for SIDS. that's for two reasons: 1) because the high-risk period of SIDS is generally passed by the time a baby can turn over 2) because a baby who can flip is better equipped to protect himself from whatever is about tummy sleeping that increases SIDS risk.

    "you can - and according to experts, you should - keep putting baby to sleep on his back until the 1st birthday. but don't lose any sleep over his position if it changes during the night. be sure, however, that his crib is safe; continue to follow the tips for preventing SIDS on page 261, such as using only a firm mattress and avoiding pillows, blankets, comforters and plush toys."

    no worries, my love... he'll be fine! :)

  2. Gosh Annalee, thank you so much! I have that book too and I don't know how I missed that! That makes me feel so much better! :)


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