February 4, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Ten

Even though it totally messes with my OCD to do this because I really wanted all of his weekly pictures to look consistent, I've made an executive decision to move the location of the photos to his Pack n' Play instead of his crib. He's getting too long to lay sideways in the crib and it's really awkward to take the pictures with him turned the other way (see picture below) and also the lighting is just soooo much better in the living room, doesn't everyone agree? Actually, the question should probably be: Does anyone even care? Haha :) Anyway, on to the week in review...

My Facebook status on Monday: "I don't want to jinx it but Wilder has slept for 8-9 hour chunks the last three nights! I feel like a new person!" Well, guess what? I jinxed it. Monday night he woke up three times to be fed and has pretty much done that all week. So, needless to say, we haven't done much this week except rest during the day. But, I caught a glimpse last weekend of what could be and now I'm convinced that he doesn't really need to eat more than once during the night. In fact, my "What to Expect the First Year" book says that, from a metabolic standpoint, once a baby reaches 11 pounds, he can usually go the whole night without a feeding. Well, this little heifer is a whopping 14 pounds, so I'm fairly certain he's just waking up out of habit during the night. 

Therefore, over the past couple of days, I've launched a "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" initiative. I'm trying to push him an extra half hour between feedings during the day and work up to an extra hour between so he'll get accustomed to going longer at night. Last night he slept for a 7 hour stretch so hopefully it's working. It better be because Wilder is less than thrilled with the situation. Besides his Week 6 growth spurt he's been eating every 3 hours since birth so it's definitely become a habit that he crankily informs me he would like to stick to. It's also throwing him off his nap schedule a little so I think that's part of the grumpiness. Luckily he will begrudgingly take a pacifier as a substitute for the extra half hour so that makes it a little easier. I'm determined to get him on a better schedule, however hard it may be for the next few days or weeks. And if anyone thinks I'm starving the boy by doing this, just take a look at this Week 10 photo... That's a 3-6 month onesie he's busting out of. Yes, I may have shrunk it a little in the wash, but come on! 

Last weekend was busy for us. On Saturday, we took Wilder to Liberty Station, where I used to work. It was originally San Diego's Naval Training Center during WWII and was repurposed and remodeled a few years ago to house offices, restaurants, shops, and non-profit organizations. It's a great place to stroll around because it has beautiful courtyards and a huge park. We grabbed some lunch at Five Guys Burgers (yum!) and sat out in the sun in one of the courtyards to eat and then strolled around the park. 

Then we went to Michael's, Target, and Petco and Wilder was absolutely pooped by the time we got home (maybe that's why he slept so well that night).

Then on Sunday we went over to our friend Corey's house to watch the golf tournament going on at Torrey Pines and the Pro Bowl. No one did very much watching though because babies and puppies trump boring sports on TV like golf and this year's Pro Bowl... seriously, how much of a yawnfest was that game?! 

Wilder and the daughter of a friend of Paul's from school.
She's six months old and only 2 lbs heavier than Wilder, haha!
What a little chunk we have!

Corey's two Labradoodle puppies... How cute are they?!

Wilder and our friend Rob. He's the first of Paul's 
friends from school to actually ask to hold Wilder. 
I was so excited :)

Like I said, we didn't do much this week except hang around the house. We did go to Target, the grocery, the post office, and the dog park, but that's not exactly blog material. All the good stuff happened here at home...

Wilder started grabbing things last week but he really started honing his skills this week. I was in the kitchen while he was playing in his Pack n' Play one afternoon and I started hearing a bunch of rattling. I came into the room to find him waving his rattle-ball all around. I wouldn't usually have the TV blaring in the background of a video but I had to grab my camera so fast to capture it that I didn't have time to turn it down. 

Also, every night now he escapes his swaddling blanket over and over. He can sleep this way but can't fall asleep unswaddled so for now we still have to swaddle him for bed. Anyway, every night for the past week I've heard him grunting on the monitor and when I look to see what's going on he's gotten himself into this position:

That's right, he can now roll over onto his side. The swaddling blanket in the picture is one that he actually can't escape from but that morning when I went in to get him, as soon as I loosened the blanket, he flipped over onto his side and stuck his hands in his mouth. It was like he'd been waiting to do that all night. It seems like everything he does these days is motivated solely by his desire to suck his thumb haha :) Apparently it's easier for him to steady his hands and get them in his mouth from that position. He's even been flipping onto his side during play time.

Here are a few more cute pictures from this week:

Anyway, this post is probably interesting to no one but Wilder's grandparents, but, hey, everyone's allowed to be boring every now and then, especially when you're sleep-deprived for going on three months ;)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Super Bowl weekend! 


  1. is that white onesie made by gerber?? if so, i'm surprised he's not in a 9 month already! gerber onesies are CRAZY small. marycollis is busting out of the 12 month ones right now (at 16 pounds)... she's about to be in 18 month gerbers. so if it is a gerber, don't feel bad that it's too small! :)

    ps. i love healthy babies. wilder is PERFECT!

  2. Hahaha Annalee, yes it's a Gerber...That makes me feel better! I couldn't believe it when I had to practically cram him in it ha! Oh, and I love him chunky... Makes me feel like I'm doing my job :)


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