July 1, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Thirty-One

Having Paul home this week has been so great. At first it was a bit of an adjustment having another person in the house all day every day but he has actually helped out SO much. He has, without even being asked, taken over the second morning play time so I can get a nap (I can't even remember the last time I had this much sleep); he took the car to get our smog check and get the oil changed; he put Wilder's wagon together; he's taken the dogs for walks, emptied the dishwasher, etc. So, even though he leaves his clothes on the floor and needs a proper lunch every day (he's not down with just scarfing down leftovers or microwave mac n' cheese like I usually do), his helpfulness and the fact that I'm just so glad to see him far outweigh any extra work his presence requires. 

Wilder is totally over the moon getting to play with his daddy all the time too. It really makes me see how important it is for a child's development to have both parents in their lives. Not that single mothers can't effectively raise a child; I'm just saying I'm so thankful that I don't have to try to be the mom and the dad for Wilder. Paul interacts with Wilder in a different way than I do and I think that helps prepare him for interactions with other people who aren't his mother. Paul also plays with him differently and that broadens his experiences and helps his brain grow in different ways. Plus, daddies are just so much fun... 

They take us for wagon rides
 They improvise box forts for us
 And they make us cool mustache pacifiers

Last Sunday we went to a cookout at our friend Corey's house. Corey's parents were in town for his graduation and his mom just ate Wilder up. We had a good time seeing everyone and enjoying some delicious food and it was motivating to think about the fact that this time next year we'll be celebrating Paul's graduation. After his eight years of undergraduate and graduate exploits it's almost surreal to know that he only has one year left. 

Wilder with Corey's mom
Wilder and "Uncle" Corey
Wilder + football = love at first sight

Tuesday Ashley and I took the babies back to the San Diego Zoo. There's a whole children's area and a lot of animals we didn't see last week so we spent the afternoon strolling around there. We saw snakes, lizards, parrots and other birds, big cats, porcupines, meerkats and more; but the big hit this week with the babies was the otters. I seriously wanted to take one home with me. They were so cute and playful and would swim around right in front of you doing flips and other otter shenanigans. Wilder and Lorelai were fascinated. 
Mesmerized by otter antics
 This peacock roams free all over the zoo
 Taking a break from the strollers

Let's see, what else have we done... We started pureed meats, which oddly smell like canned cat food and kind of make me want to never eat meat again. But Wilder seems to like them, having no other kinds of meat to compare them to. I'm really so proud of what a good eater he is. So far, the only things he's turned his nose up at are avocados and spinach, but I think once we try them again he won't mind them. We've also been working on scooting. So far he's accomplished a few centimeters forward, but mostly either pushes himself backwards or rolls to the side. He's really close to getting it though, I just know it. His tooth isn't all the way in yet, but the teething's been better this week, thank goodness. 

The rest of the week we've really just been lazy. We didn't end up going to the fair last Sunday because we decided it would probably be less busy on a weekday and then the weekdays came and we remembered that we aren't really "fair" people and we were really just going to be able to say we've been and not because we thought it would be fun and anyway it would be more fun next year when Wilder's older... So yeah, that didn't happen. Maybe next year. I have to correct myself though. We've actually been both lazy and productive. We've been enjoying hanging out and doing nothing but we've also gotten quite a lot done on our list of "Things to Do When Paul Finishes Hellish Last Studio Quarter."

We even got motivated enough this week to decide that we need to take a family vacation. We are sooo not trip planners normally. If we're not going somewhere for a purpose, i.e. to visit family, we'd just as soon stay home and watch a movie. Every trip we've taken together in the last two and a half years has been to Tennessee. We haven't been on a proper vacation since the first year we were married and we figured since we now have a child we should probably start making memories (even if it's a huge hassle and takes a lot of preparation and we'd really rather be sitting at home). Family vacations are some of my best memories from childhood and I never realized how much work went into getting us wherever we were going but I know that it was for my parents and will be for us so worth it to get away as a family and experience some new things. 

So, on Sunday we are driving up to La Habra for a 4th of July get-together at Amber and Travis's house and then leaving from there on Monday to drive up Highway 1 along the coast to San Francisco. I am so so so excited and also a little nervous about a 9-hour road trip and staying in a hotel with a baby. If anyone has any tips regarding this they would be greatly appreciated. I Googled how to survive long car rides with a baby and two separate moms said that they have leaned over the car seat to breastfeed their babies while on the road. I'm not totally sure about the mechanics of that process but I will not be attempting it just so you know. Any other tips would be helpful though. 

So, yeah, this week's been pretty slow but I'm sure I will have a lot more to write about next week after our trip. For all of you devoted readers, fear not when you check the blog next Friday and do not find a new post. We will be driving back from SF all day Friday so the Week 32 post will have to wait a day. I know you will all be on the edge of your seats awaiting your weekly dose of Wilder updates but just hang in there and check back Saturday. 

Here are some more pictures from this week...

Wilder's totally over being in the
Jumperoo, but under it is another story
 Ready for his inaugural wagon ride
 "Mush, Daddy, mush!"
 Rider looks a little wary of that block 
Wilder's flinging around
 The baby ate my grocery list
We love boxes in our house...
Rolling around on top of a box
 Sitting with all of his toys in another box
 Trying to show him how to get in crawling position

And some more Instagram photos for those of you not yet following me @emmytaylor...

All-American Boy
 New Ride
 SD Bike Rack
 Guardian Elephant
 Jelly Rolls on a Flowered Rug
 Yes, please :)

Alright, folks, have a wonderful weekend! 

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