June 24, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Thirty

No. Nonononononono! I refuse to believe that Wilder will be 7 months old on Sunday. We're on the downhill slope to one year now and I have a feeling it's just going to start going faster and faster. I feel like I need to get started planning his first birthday party but just thinking about it makes me cry. I can't handle all of this growing and changing and growing! Time, I told you last month to stop moving so fast and you didn't listen, but now I'm really serious -- I want you to get out of the fast lane and go into grandma-driving-on-the-freeway mode. People always say, "They grow up too fast" and I always thought that was just a platitude, but seriously you can never understand how fast kids grow until one is breaking your heart doing it. Don't get me wrong, I love to see all of Wilder's new developments. I don't wish he would slow down, I just wish there were more days in the year (notice I didn't say more hours in the day, haha) for us to enjoy him. 

Speaking of new developments, his first tooth broke through a few days ago and, after trying every day since, I finally managed to get a picture of it today. Here are some of my failed attempts from this afternoon...
And finally the one successful shot while bribing him with food... Can you see it? Can you see it?
There it is!
Supposedly once a tooth breaks through it doesn't hurt anymore. Unfortunately, this tooth is apparently very happy with the mouth he popped into and has written home telling all of his friends to come join him because Wilder has been teething miserably pretty much 24/7 for the last week. He has been in an unusually unpleasant mood and, worst of all, he fights every nap and is waking up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the mornings again. :( I feel so sorry for him (and a little bit for myself) because I can tell he's just so uncomfortable. Hopefully, this is a phase that will pass quickly like the screaming did (thank goodness!). 

The other day I went to check on him on the monitor during what was supposed to be a nap and found him wrestling with his stuffed elephant instead. I guess he needed to take out some of his teething aggression on the poor pachyderm. It cracked me up, even though I'd rather him be sleeping...

Another new development this week is that I have now taken on a new title: Human Jungle Gym. Wilder has started climbing all. over. me. all. the. time. I think it's kind of funny/fun but he is wearing me out! Why did I never know this about babies? Admittedly, I didn't know much about babies before having one, but seriously no one ever mentioned that they would use your body as a playground. But I've discussed this phenomenon with several people now and they're all like, "Oh yeah, Human Jungle Gym"... what? So yeah, apparently there's a term for it and apparently it will last... for the foreseeable future. Ah well, such is the life of a mother, wearer of many hats.

This is not a new development but his love for Rider and Posey grows stronger every day haha. He is totally obsessed with their every move (and even their lack of movement, as you'll see in the video). One day he was sitting on the floor playing with his absolute favorite toy, the back part of the Roku remote (aren't babies weird?), and Posey was lying on the couch doing absolutely nothing as usual. But for some reason, every time he looked over at her he would just about die laughing. Was he amused at her general appearance, her extreme laziness, or just happy to have her attention? I will never know, but it made a pretty funny video anyway...

On Saturday Paul was at the studio all day so I strolled Wilder around North Park running errands. Between stops I was going to take him to the park down the street to swing and give him a break from the stroller, but when we got over there they were having a festival so we walked around it instead. I'm not sure exactly what the festival was for or about but Wilder experienced three firsts there: his first car show, his first motorcycle rally, and his first death metal concert. All three very key landmarks in a child's development, of course. Judging by those activities you would think it was a rough crowd that we were mingling with, and there were definitely a fair number of mohawked and leather-clad people there, but there were actually a surprising number of families too attracted, I'm assuming, by the face-painting, bouncy castles, and snowcones. It was a pretty odd festival and I'm still not sure what the point of it was. It was quite a weird conglomeration of things; but it was something different to do and Wilder seemed to enjoy it. I always like to let him experience new things, haha ;)
I so wish you could see the lead singer's
2-foot-tall mohawk. You'll just have to trust 
me I guess. It was pretty impressive.
Which one of these is not like the others?
Wilder and the motorcycle gang
(notice he's practicing his tough
guy face here)

Sunday was Father's Day and although Paul had to spend most of it at school we did get to hang out with him in the morning and eat lunch down the street at a cute little cafe we've never tried. For his first Father's Day, Wilder and I gave him tickets to a Chargers preseason game, which I was excited to surprise him with. I wasn't sure he would be very pumped about a preseason game but I got seats practically on the field whereas for a regular season game the closest seats we could afford were the farthest away from the action. And they wonder why no one comes to the games! Anyway, he was really excited about the tickets though so that was a relief. That will be fun to take Wilder to in a couple of months.

Mmm, hello Belgian waffle with
strawberries, bananas, and 
whipped cream

On Tuesday Wilder had another first -- his first trip to the zoo. We went with our friends Ashley and Lorelai and had a really good time. Out of all the exotic animals we saw, the big hit with the babies was the turtle exhibit (?). We pulled the strollers right up to the glass and they sat there mesmerized by the turtles swimming around in front of them for like 20 minutes. Other than that, they didn't get too excited about anything else but it was fun for Ashley and me and it was a great workout pushing the stroller up and down the hills for 3 hours. 
Watching the super-exciting turtles
Wilder was konked out after
a long fun day of being totally
unimpressed with amazing wild animals
(Isn't he sweet?) :)

On Thursday Ashley and I walked over to the North Park Farmer's Market and shopped and ate dinner. We walked around sampling cupcakes, truffles, and cheeses and then ate some delicious avocado melt sandwiches with bacon for dinner from one of the farmer's market food trucks. I love food trucks, and farmer's markets, and North Park in general, oh and also avocado melts, yum. 

Tonight we went to the NewSchool for the gallery displaying the thesis projects of this year's graduates. Several of our friends are graduating tomorrow (Whoohoo! Go Corey and Rob and Albert and Jenna and Elizabeth and anyone else I'm forgetting!) so it was fun to get to see the projects they've been working on for the last year. Wilder was enthralled with all of the people and lights and colors and was very chilled out as usual just taking everything in. A couple of Paul's classmates wanted to hold him and that always makes me happy. It was just nice to get out and socialize since those opportunities are few and far between these days. 
 And yes, Paul and Wilder totally match. I promise, 
that was not planned -- Paul got up there hours before
we did and I had forgotten what he was wearing
by the time I dressed Wilder, haha
 I don't know this guy but I thought his project
was really cool -- he went to Japan and studied
small space living. Click on the picture to 
enlarge -- his models are pretty awesome.
Wilder with one of Paul's classmates, Cassandra.
She absolutely adores Wilder and is determined
to teach him how to surf :)

Here are a few more cute pictures from this week...

Why Posey usually keeps more
of a distance: Exhibit B
(see Exhibit A here)
Have I mentioned that Wilder
loves the dogs with a passion?
He gets the hugest grin on his face
whenever he sees them, which is
like 200 times a day.
I love this sweet face and I get the
hugest grin every time I see it. :)
Practicing his pincer grasp with
some peas while waiting on me
to fix his lunch (and yes, for you
observant readers, I know there
has been a crockpot on my kitchen
table for like two weeks now...
it's a long story)
Please notice here how Posey and 
Wilder are double-teaming poor 
Rider who is just trying to mind 
her own business (for once)
Wilder in his new baby baseball cap
that I got him at the zoo (oh for goodness sake,
and yes, observant readers, he is chewing
on a medicine bottle and no, I do not let him
play with medicine bottles but I was trying to
get him to sit still long enough for a picture and
you do what you've gotta do in that case)
I've become obsessed with the 
Instagram app for iPhone
(follow me at "emmytaylor")

Well, I guess that's pretty much it for this week. We're going to the San Diego County Fair on Sunday and I'm so excited to try all kinds of weird fried things. Seriously, fried butter? Should be interesting. Alright, y'all have a super weekend!

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