January 8, 2012

Underwater Voom-Vooms

Yesterday we took Wilder to the Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla. Paul and I went on a date there when we first moved out here to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary and we've been dying to go back because we knew Wilder would just love it. We couldn't have been more right. From the first display in the lobby of a school of fish zooming around in a circular tank, he was hooked (Get it? Hooked?). I don't know what he thought they were but he went with his go-to sound effect, which is, what else? Voom-voom!
Wilder was totally fascinated by all the beautiful fish and other underwater creatures and his pointer finger got quite a workout during our visit. 
Seeing things that you've seen hundreds of times before through the eyes of your child makes them amazing all over again. I loved watching him take it all in. 
The aquarium has an outdoor area where you can touch some of the sea creatures so Wilder got to touch a starfish and a sea cucumber. You can't explain the "only touch with one finger" rule to a one-year-old though so he pretty much abused the poor creatures but it was fun anyway and I was proud of him for not being afraid of them.
There were also a couple of little play 
areas, which he thoroughly enjoyed.
He's seen himself in a mirror hundreds 
of times but for some reason was really 
taken with himself that day. I will 
admit, he did look pretty spiffy. ;)
He kept trying to look around himself.
And trying to step into the mirror world.
We had such a fun afternoon together. 
I love my little family!

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