September 10, 2011

Life of Wilder: Week Forty-One

I just want to point out what I was
saying last week about his tongue
flipping over when he smiles really
big. How cute is that? :)
Today was the first good day of an absolutely awful week. We're  a little totally spoiled here in San Diego. We pretty much live in a bubble of sunny 75 degree weather but this week felt like the apocalypse in our SoCal paradise. Monday and Tuesday it rained for the first time since Wilder was a month old. When you're not used to the rain, for me at least, it totally knocks you out when it does rain. It was all I could do to get out of bed. So that sucked. Then Tuesday afternoon the rain gave way to mid-summer Mississippi-like weather  -- aka humid and 97 degrees. So that was even more debilitating; I could barely think straight. Luckily the humidity subsided by Wednesday but the awful heat stuck around until today. It wouldn't have been so bad except that we don't have air conditioning. We do fortunately have a single window unit that we put in Wilder's room so he wouldn't burn up at night so during the day Wilder and I pretty much bunkered down in his room to play in front of the single stream of cool air. I would ask Paul what he wanted for dinner each night and he would just say "Ice." It really was too hot to even eat -- sooo miserable! I tried to swing Wilder to cool him off but it obviously wasn't helping much... :(
Then yesterday happened. Wilder and I had gone to the Y to meet up with a friend and her son to swim and try to cool off. I was in the bathroom starting to change Wilder into his swim suit when suddenly it went pitch black. I knew the light in the bathroom was motion activated so I started jumping up and down and waving my arms trying to get it to come back on. When it wouldn't I took Wilder back out into the lobby where the lights were also out and people were starting to gather. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what was going on, we heard someone say that the electricity had gone out all over the city. That was my cue -- I knew that people would be going crazy trying to get home so we quickly promised a raincheck to our friends and started heading home. 

All the traffic lights in the city were out so I avoided them as much as possible and jumped on the freeway, which was just starting to back up with people crazy with heat and worry. No one knew what was going on and thoughts of 9/11 were going through everyone's minds. I could only find one working radio station and they were saying that the power in all of San Diego county was out. My phone wouldn't work and I couldn't call Paul so I just rushed home as quickly as I could, which took twice as long as it usually does. I was glad to finally get home, just so we could all be together in case something bad was happening, but it was totally sweltering in our house since now we had not even our one AC unit and no fans working. 

Before the power went out Paul was just about to leave to go meet up with one of his school friends who also lives in North Park to watch the football games at a local bar. Since no one's phones worked and they couldn't get in touch with each other, the friend just decided to walk over to our house to commiserate on the situation. Albert to the rescue! He was hot and he could see how miserable we were so he suggested we go over to his apartment to swim in his pool and keep cool. Everyone else in his apartment complex obviously had the same idea too so it ended up being a little bit of a party around the pool that afternoon. With nothing else to do and no technology to distract us, strangers came together to talk, swim, and just hang out. 
When it came time for Wilder to go to bed, we invited Albert back to our house to grill the chicken that was thawing in our freezer for dinner. Wilder always sleeps with his sound machine on and I was so worried that he wouldn't be able to go to bed without it but he went straight to sleep! I guess the pool thankfully wore him out. While I got Wilder ready for bed, Paul and Albert seasoned the chicken and cut up some bell peppers and zucchini, then we headed out to the patio to sit in the dark and throw them on the grill. But oops, of all nights to run out of propane, we did. I'm so lucky to have a resourceful husband though. He bought some wood from our neighbors, started a fire in the chiminea, stuck the grate from the grill on top, and grilled our dinner over the open flame. We sat outside in the quiet darkness for hours, eating, laughing, and wondering when the power was going to come back on. Finally at around 10:30, just as Albert was about to go home, we heard a whooping from our neighbors and we looked around to find that, after 7 hours, the lights were coming back on! It was a relief, but it was also kind of nice to take a break from the regular every day to just sit around and enjoy each other's company. Like a snow day from school, it was kind of a blackout day from life. 

The week wasn't all bad, just the weather. I always have fun with my sweet boys no matter what.
We entertained ourselves during
 the rainy Monday morning in 
bed with some Kleenex...
He didn't realize it was on his head
for the longest time and we were
totally cracking up...
Until he did realize it...
And then the joke was on us when he
proceeded to eat it...
We clapped for the rain...
And watched the rain...
And watched Avatar...
We bugged Posey...
Tried to get Rider's attention...
Hid in a box...
And couldn't decide which book to read...
Tuesday afternoon we were invited over to Rachel and Lexi's house for a play/swim date. Wilder loved Lexi's big pool of course. 
She wasn't totally feeling the pool that day though and kept getting out and running around the yard. He was very interested in everything she was doing. (Please look at him holding onto the fat roll on his knee... That boy's chubby legs are ridiculous!)
Wilder had a great time banging away on 
Lexi's baby piano. Isn't he a cute
 little Beethoven? :)
Wednesday afternoon we braved the heat and met up with Rachel and Lexi again at the Old Trolley Barn Park just up the street. It's at the top of a canyon so there was a nice breeze blowing and it was pretty shady so thankfully it wasn't too hot. Wilder and Lexi got in with a gang of three- and four-year-olds and had a big time getting tickled and played with. Wilder even ventured a few steps on all fours trying to show off for them. 
The big kids wore these babies out! Look at
those serious faces, haha :)
So, Wilder looooves throwing things. One of his favorite things to do during playtime is for us to sit on the floor of his room while I hand him things and he throws them over and over. This morning he switched it up a little though. Everything I handed him, he threw behind him until the play area looked like this... He is so silly :)
Even though the weather has been crappy and I'm pretty sure he's still teething, Wilder has been in a much better mood this week, thank goodness. It's so nice to have a happy baby and I can't get enough of making him laugh...
Oh, and I finally got a video of Wilder high-fiving...
Today was a good day -- the weather finally went back to normal and I finally went and got my massage that Paul and Wilder gave me for Mother's Day. SD folks, Chiropractique is amazing! Best massage I've ever had, and I've had quite a few. 

Alright y'all, that's it. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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