September 13, 2011

The Power of Prayer (and Blogging)

I love the world of blogging. I especially love other moms' blogs (if you couldn't tell from my Favorite Blogs list to the right there) because they give me inspiration, encouragement, comic relief, and an assurance that I'm not alone when I sometimes can't wait for Wilder's bedtime. 

One of my favorite blogs is that of my real life friend, Tiffany. She is the mother of an outgoing, mischievous, precocious 19-month-old daughter, Rory, and a precious, happy, smiley 2-month-old daughter, Ryder. Tiffany's account of her family's daily life never fails to make me laugh and smile. I've told her this before, but she seriously has the happiest, smiley-est kids I've ever seen! 
My reason for introducing you to Tiffany and her family is because they need your prayers this week. Their sweet baby, Ryder, was born with some heart defects and is undergoing open heart surgery on Thursday to repair them. Please join me in praying for strength for Ryder and peace for her parents during this stressful time. 

For more information and updates on Ryder visit The Harris Life. Tiffany also has created a prayer map to keep track of all the people around the world who are praying for her sweet daughter. You can read more about the map by clicking here or add your location to it by clicking here.

Prayer is a powerful force and I love being able to use the power of blogging to increase the prayers going up for this family. Hang in there, Harrises! 

And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, 
and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 
Luke 11:9

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  1. i'll add them to my list! my best friend shannon's baby girl (peyton, who just turned 1!) was born with a similar issue. now she is the healthiest, happiest baby girl i've ever seen! prayer certainly is powerful.


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