August 17, 2010

And the Search is Over!

Mondays aren't typically considered a favorite day of the week; in fact, they are generally dreaded. But, contrary to its reputation, this Monday was an absolutely great Monday. Almost, I would venture to say, a great enough Monday to compensate for all the other crappy Mondays I've had in my life. Why, you may ask, was this Monday so spectacular? 

Well, we got the call that we've been hoping, praying, and waiting for for months... We actually got approved for a house!!! And not just any house, THE house! It's perfect in every way: two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, large rooms all around, lots of closet space, washer/dryer, dishwasher, newly renovated kitchen, garage with plenty of storage, fenced yard, in our same neighborhood but in an even better location, CENTRAL A/C (!)... everything and more than we were looking for! 
And, if you can believe it, something happened today to make it even better. When we originally saw the listing for the house it said the rent was $1500. After we went and looked at it on Saturday, we left thinking that was a steal for all that the house had to offer. On Sunday we looked at the ad again on Craigslist and it said the rent was $1650... although that wasn't what we thought at first we were still OK with it because of how great the house was. Well, when we went to sign the lease this morning, we were reading over it and guess what it listed the rent as... $1500! What an awesome surprise! That saves us $1800 over the year... that's a lot of diapers, haha! :) Plus, we had offered up a pet deposit to try to seal the deal and they didn't even want it! 

I just want to thank everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement throughout this whole process. My birthday is on Thursday and I think this is one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten! I'll have some pictures by the end of the week so I'll post those as soon as I can. I'm still pinching myself... I can't believe the search is finally over and with such amazing results! I'm so excited to start moving in and setting up the nursery (which is already painted blue by the way)! 

It's going to be quite a busy week. Guess where we'll be celebrating my birthday Thursday... our third childbirth class, haha! Exciting, I know. So, I guess we'll do something for it on Friday; then on Saturday Paul has a "Daddy Bootcamp" class, and Sunday some great friends that Paul worked with at CAVS in Starkville are going to be in town with their baby girl we haven't met yet, so we'll get together with them... all in the midst of packing and moving. This is such a wonderful time in our lives and I'm trying so hard to savor and remember every moment. We are so blessed.  

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