August 9, 2010

Taking Care of Business

I just love having Paul home on the weekends! He usually spends most of Saturday and Sunday at the studio working on projects, but he actually had this weekend free so we got to spend a lot of time together (yay!) and got a lot done (YAY!). At this point in pregnancy, there's no better feeling than feeling productive! 

On Saturday we decided to go sign up for this rental service that we used to find our first apartment out here a year and a half ago. You pay them a fee and they tailor a search to your needs and give you a bunch of listings for houses that you may not find on Craigslist. Plus, they will send out your application to any that you are interested in -- instead of having to fill out a different application and pay an application fee for each property. They'll even send out your application to properties you find yourself. I think it's a pretty good deal overall. After that we drove by a few properties in North Park and South Park and then came home, wrote some thank-you notes, made dinner, and watched Anchorman. That movie gets funnier every time we watch it, especially now that we live in San Diego. 

Sunday was truly "Sunday Funday" for me... I went on a massive cleaning spree with Paul's help. I did laundry, cleaned out and organized the closet, sorted through clothes to give away, vacuumed the whole house (even the ceiling!), and finally organized all of the baby stuff we've accumulated into actual drawers instead of boxes! I decided that even though I don't have a nursery to work on yet, I can still do some nesting. And let me tell you, it felt awesome! I now have a separate drawer for blankets, supplies, washcloths and burp cloths, bibs and accessories (yes, baby Wilder already has accessories), and clothes (which are organized according to size). Here's a picture of my baby corner:

So, another thing we did this weekend is, to make room for the "baby corner" in our bedroom, we moved the dogs' bed outside to the laundry room. The baby corner used to be their corner and they aren't too happy with the change but we seriously woke up to dog hair rolling across the floor like tumbleweeds every morning and, after my cleaning spree, I was not having that anymore. 

So, Saturday night we put both of them out there to sleep knowing that they would whine for a while but not dreaming that they would whine and bark and throw themselves at the door to be let in ALL NIGHT! It was awful! Of course, Paul slept straight through most of it, like I imagine he will with the baby haha, but I got maybe four hours of sleep that night. Rider settled down after the first few hours but then Posey took over and, like the huge baby she is, threw a six-hour temper tantrum until the sun came up and I let them in. 

I was determined not to give up though (I can't have a baby live in a dog hair-filled house!) so last night we decided to just put Rider out, since her hairy butt is really the issue, and we made Posey sleep in the living room. It was a totally different story -- we didn't hear a peep out of Rider the whole night! I think she gets hot inside at night and that's why she sheds so much so she appreciated being out in the cool night with the bed to herself and unlimited access to the water bowl. Posey still whined and paced a little but I think she'll get used to it. Of all that we accomplished this weekend, I'm the most proud of this new sleeping arrangement. I think it's going to result in a cleaner house that I can maybe vacuum every other day instead of every day and it begins to set some boundaries for the dogs in preparation for the baby's arrival. 

Aaahhhhh... it feels good to get things done! Hope everyone else had a good weekend as well! 

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