August 21, 2010

Moving Days

So, I had a great birthday. It was very different from all the other birthdays I've had in my life, and I think it's just a foreshadowing of the rest of the birthdays still to come after the baby arrives. For one thing, we spent my birthday night in childbirth class. Then we had reservations at a restaurant Friday night to celebrate but I had been packing, moving, dealing with house stuff, and then working all day and I was just too tired by that night so we stayed at home, watched a movie (Precious -- sad but great movie by the way), and ate a frozen PF Chang's dinner (if you haven't tried those, they are the best frozen dinners I've ever had). Although Paul was super sweet all day -- he cooked breakfast for me, brought me flowers, and wrote me the sweetest letter -- and they decorated my desk at work for me, I've started to realize it's just not all about me anymore. Even on my birthday, there's stuff to get done. That's totally fine though; I'm ready for this change. I'm looking forward to having someone else to focus on, especially such a cute little someone. 

Birthday flowers from my sweet hubby
Birthday decorations at work

The moving is going well. The first night after we signed the lease I started packing up boxes. I went to bed that night with 11 boxes packed and guess what they were ALL full of... books! And we have at least 4 other boxes of books in the garage that we never unpacked. Every time we move I think, "I've got to get rid of some of these books!" but when I try to sort through them I can't find any I would want to get rid of. I like having them, just in case, and luckily (or unluckily) Paul's the same way. 

Since then though I've gotten most of the kitchen stuff and a lot of the bathroom stuff and clothes packed up and moved. Today after Paul's first-time dads class (which he loved, by the way... he said he wished it had lasted all day!), we went to Home Depot and got some paint and supplies and Paul started painting the bedroom while I made trip after trip moving stuff between the houses (don't worry, I didn't lift anything heavy). I think on Tuesday we'll rent a U-Haul for the day and Paul and some of his friends will move the furniture and the rest of the stuff in the garage and storage room. 

Every time we go over to the new house we don't want to leave to come back here and we just think how lucky we are to have found somewhere so perfect. Here are some pictures I took the other day. The outside isn't much to look at (I think we'll add some shutters to the front windows) and the yard has recently been tilled up and reseeded, but the inside is sooo nice and exactly what we needed! 

View from front door looking into living room
View looking back at front door
(yes, two walls are cream and the other two are gray)
Kitchen and breakfast nook
Our bedroom 
(now painted dusty red thanks to my wonderful husband)
And, dum duh duhhh... the nursery!

We are so excited and can't wait to finally be all moved in. And I'm SO excited to start setting up the nursery, even though everyone tells me he won't sleep in there for the first few months. Even so, doesn't it make sense to go ahead and get it ready... it's not like I'll have time to do that after he gets here. 

Anyway, in other news, Rider has now lost 15 pounds... of hair. We've always bought all kinds of brushes and tools, even vacuum attachments, trying to control all the hair this dog produces to no avail. But last week Paul ordered The FURminator and it came in the mail a couple of days ago. The one he got is the next size under the equine version, haha, and this thing is amazing! Rider seriously looks 15 pounds lighter and a lot cooler temperature-wise and you can actually run your hand down her back without fur flying off of her. We are SO thrilled with the results I just wanted to share a picture of what we brushed off her today. This is the third time we've used it on her in the two days we've had it and we've gotten this much off each time. Pretty crazy, huh? Now you can see why I used to have to vacuum every day. 


Hope everyone has a good rest of your weekend! I'll keep posting pictures as we get moved in. 


  1. I'm so excited for y'all Emily!! Congratulations on EVERYTHING!

  2. IT is soooo cute! Our sweet dog Bella shed probably just as much! I vac. alot! PS. Ava and Cy slept in their own room after the first two weeks. Our house is small enough we can hear them. I slept better with them in their rooms as well. Just passing it on. No one told me that and I felt awful putting them in there, now I am perfectly okay with it! You do whatever you want to!
    YAY for baby!!! and the furminator!


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