August 12, 2010

More Various and Sundry Things

Well, we had our second childbirth class tonight and this one went way better than last week. I actually left smiling instead of crying this time so that was a big improvement. We covered pain management techniques and learned about pain medications that can be used. Then we ended by touring the birth center and seeing a couple of the rooms. That actually got me really excited. They have queen-sized four-poster beds, birthing balls and stools, tubs, etc. Seeing the rooms helped me be able to visualize where we'll be and what it will be like a little bit. Sorry to scare you last week, Kayla... I thought surely ignorance was bliss, but I'm beginning to agree more with my mom, who says that knowledge is power. I think it's definitely going to reduce my nerves to have all the information I'm learning; plus, it will help Paul understand what I'm going through so he can be as supportive and helpful as possible. 

In other news, I'm super excited because we booked our flights tonight to come back to the South for one last visit before the baby gets here! We'll be in Tennessee September 22-29 and will be in Starkville for the MS State vs. Georgia game on the 25th, whoohoo! Our last trip was really exhausting and I wasn't even that pregnant yet so I can't imagine how tiring this trip will be when I'm 31 weeks but I don't even care. I'm just so excited to get to spend some time with family again before our little one arrives. 

Also, in other news (or non-news), the house-search continues... We looked at two houses this morning, neither of which worked for us for different reasons. We have one to look at on Saturday and another one that we'll hopefully get to view sometime next week; both of these seem promising so maybe one of them will work out. We're both getting super-antsy about finding a place. As my belly grows, this house seems to shrink more and more. 
As of today, we have 2 1/2 months until our lease runs up here and 3 1/2 months until the baby is due. We've already been looking for a new house for two months, so you can understand our unease. Oh well, all we can do is keep looking and if we have to move after the baby is born then that's just what we'll do. I'm not usually one to actively try to stay positive, but I don't want my stress/negativity to affect baby Taylor so I'm learning to make myself look at the bright side and not take things so seriously. I have to say, too, my regular exercise routine is definitely helping to reduce the stress, especially my prenatal yoga. Woosahhhh... :)

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