September 16, 2010

Baby Has a Bed!

Just a quick post to show off Paul's hard work from the other night. He was so sweet to put our crib together for me and then I got to make it up with our bedding. I still have to wash the bedding but I couldn't wait to get it on there and see how it looked. Don't laugh, but I actually had to look up on the computer how it was supposed to go. We're learning as we go around here. :)

It's starting to get real now :)

This is the dot pattern on the inside of the bumper and the crib sheet. Wanted to show it because it just looked white in the other picture. 

Rider's practicing keeping watch over baby Wilder :)

Oh, and the midwife appointment went well on Tuesday. I passed my glucose test, but had to be prescribed an iron supplement because I don't eat enough red meat. I guess I could just frequent In-N-Out burger more often, but since I've now gained 20 pounds (!) I think I'd better just get my iron from a pill. Oh, and she also told us we won't have another ultrasound at all unless something is wrong, so we've decided to go back and get another 4D U/S in the next few weeks. We haven't seen him in 2 1/2 months so I cannot wait to see him again, especially now that he has some baby fat on him. I'm just dying to see his sweet face! :)


  1. We bought the same crib in white for Agathe. She just loves it. Very good choice!! One question though, how long did it take to Paul to put it together?Just to know if JL was just slow or just not gifted!

  2. We love it! So glad to know someone else has it and loves it too! It didn't take Paul too terribly long to put it together but he did put the back piece on backwards so the screws face the front, haha, so that should make Jean-Luc feel better. :)


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