September 5, 2010

Getting Settled

It's been a few days since my last post, but that's because we've been working our butts off and I haven't had time to sit down much. The house is finally starting to come together courtesy of the long Labor Day weekend and lots of elbow grease. We still have a lot to do, but everything is unpacked and just about everything is in it's place. I spent about an hour down on hands and knees yesterday scraping dried paint off the floor in the baby's bathroom and Paul reseeded the front yard. Today I broke down the many boxes we've unpacked that were in piles by the back gate and Paul put together the stroller our great friends, Holly and Jacob, surprised us with last week. 
All weekend we've been hanging pictures, arranging things, and cleaning, among other things. We've been laboring hard all weekend, so I think tomorrow we'll rest. :)

Here are some pictures of the house up to this point:

Bedroom with new paint job thanks to Paul

(The painting over the bed is one Paul brought back from Brazil years ago; the one on the left on the other wall we got in Spain on our honeymoon; and the one on the right our friend Martin brought us from France for a wedding gift)
Living Room
Paul's work corner in the living room... He's so happy to have room for the desk again!
Nursery so far... We're expecting the crib in the mail next week!
Baby's Bathroom
The dogs' room
Finally have room to display some of the beautiful serving dishes we got for our wedding (and my cookbook collection)!
Side yard
Front yard... A little bit of grass is growing and hopefully more to come. Notice the awful hole in the bottom right corner of the picture next to the sidewalk thanks to Posey :(
This is in the little area between the back of the house and the garage...Have you ever seen such a huge elephant ear plant?? Looks like ol' Fong's been over here gardening :)

So there ya go! That's our house so far. We're really enjoying it and the location... so many great restaurants within walking distance and an awesome park 3 blocks away that I can't wait to take Wilder to. 

In other news Paul has just a couple of weeks left in this quarter (thank goodness!) and then we'll be heading back East for our last trip before the baby gets here. We are so excited to see everyone again! Also, my parents booked their flight to come out for the birth, so hopefully Wilder will decide to come on or before Thanksgiving. If not, I'll be doing a lot of hill-walking, pressure point-massaging, and Eggplant Parmesan-eating (did you know the seasonings in that Italian dish are supposed to induce labor?). Paul and I are both so thankful they'll be here for a week and a half to help us out! 

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful remainder of their long weekend! Adios!

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