September 8, 2010

Current Obsessions

1) Finding the perfect curtains for the nursery. I registered for the curtains that match the bedding we got for the crib but I have a few problems with them. First, they are short curtains, which I'm not a big fan of; second, they are way more than I would want anyone to pay, myself included, for curtains; and third, I think that so many dots would just get to be a bit much. I'd rather have curtains that a) go all the way to the floor and b) coordinate with, instead of match, the bedding. So, I've been obsessively scouring the internet all week for cute curtains that are the right length, color/pattern, and price. No luck yet. 

I've even considered making curtains myself. I went up and down every aisle yesterday at JoAnn Fabrics looking at fabric options but didn't really find anything that inspired me. Who am I kidding anyway? I have a sewing machine but I might as well be a monkey with a computer for as much as I know how to use it. Actually a monkey could probably use a computer more successfully than I could create anything decent-looking with the sewing machine. 

2) Multigrain Cheerios with bananas and honey. Mmmm :) I swear, my brain will not start functioning in the morning until I have a bowl of this. Poor Paul has had to make many an emergency grocery run for milk so the baby and I can have this deliciousness for breakfast. 

3) Coming up with a way to make the guy across the street turn his music down. Seriously, this guy blares his music from 9:00 in the morning until midnight or later just about every day of the week. I can hear it in our house with all the windows and doors closed. In addition, he has the loudest, most booming voice I've ever heard and seems to always find someone to project it at, aka "talk to." I thought he must have a roommate or a lot of visitors, but, no I've recently found out that most of the time it's just him talking to himself. 

Apparently over the weekend one of his neighbors approached him about his general loudness and they got into an altercation. The police were called and, being the nosy neighbors that we are, we stood behind our fence and listened to his explanation to the cops (wasn't too terribly hard to hear anyway). The guy actually claims he has a "monologue brain system" and, therefore, must speak his thoughts out loud to himself in order to be able to process them.... What?? For the record, I looked it up and there is no such thing and, even if there was, I highly doubt that blasting his music helps him "hear" his thoughts any better. This cannot persist, especially once we have a baby trying to sleep in here, so now I'm considering my options for forcing him to shut up, including sending a power surge through his apartment to fry his electronics in conjunction with some kind of acid drink that will seal his vocal chords closed. That's not too drastic, is it? ;)

4) Mexican food. And what better place to be obsessed with it than right here 20 miles from the border? San Diego has SO MANY amazing Mexican restaurants and we eat at one at least twice a week plus making our own Mexican for dinner at least two other nights a week. Some of our favorite restaurants around town include Rancho's (organic and authentic Mexican food), Mama Testa Taqueria (amazing tacos, beat out Bobby Flay on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"), and Lucha Libre (best burritos in San Diego). I have to say I've become quite the salsa connoisseur and I love trying all the different dishes and comparing them between restaurants. 

5) Making myself continue to get my daily exercise. This is becoming more and more of a struggle the bigger my belly gets. Plus, just like in the first trimester, persistent exhaustion is a problem again in the third trimester. I just keep reminding myself that the baby is supposed to double or even triple in size in the next few months and I don't want to do the same. So, I literally force myself to walk or take the dogs to the park or do my prenatal yoga every single day. I always feel so much better afterwards, mentally and physically, and certainly less prone to sending a power surge through the neighbor's apartment.

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