September 12, 2010

A Blah Weekend

This weekend had some good points, but overall I would rate it as "blah". Paul's final project for the quarter is due on Monday, so he has been at the studio from 9:00 in the morning until about midnight every day since Thursday. Being an architecture widow is NOT fun! Although I do have to say, his project looks amazing! I'm so proud of him... but very ready for this quarter to be over so he can come home! Here's what he's been working on (I'll post some better pictures of it later): 

Thursday was sort of a good day because I called in sick to work so I could stay home and watch the MS State football game (shhh, don't tell my boss). I had the whole day to relax, which I needed, but we lost the game so that kind of sucked. 

Friday started out good just because it was Friday. But that night I found out that a high school friend's 11-day-old baby who was born with a heart defect had died. Baby Weston Lee Brake fought hard, but was just too sick in the end. Being pregnant, this absolutely broke my heart and I sat here crying all night. The scary thing is, the defect didn't show up on their 20-week ultrasound and they didn't know about it until just a few weeks before their due date. I can't imagine having to go home to a fully-stocked nursery without your baby -- the thought just kills me. You can read the Brakes' story by clicking here... Have a box of tissues handy. 

Saturday I was busy with errands and interviewing a pet sitter for the dogs, so that kept my thoughts off of Baby Weston and missing Paul. Instead of boarding the dogs when we come back to TN for a week, we are going to leave them here at the house and have a pet sitter come over and feed and walk them daily. It's soooo much cheaper and doesn't disrupt them as much as being stuck in a tiny kennel all week. With their newly discovered love for digging though, the only thing I'm worried about is coming back to a yard that looks like the surface of the moon. But, oh well, can't be helped... unless, if anyone knows how to deter a dog from digging, please let me know! Anyway, I also did a little art project on Saturday for the baby's room... It turned out OK: 

Today I had lunch with a friend from work and, to my surprise, she showed up with all kinds of baby gifts from her, my boss, and another coworker! It was like a little mini-shower for baby Wilder, so that was something fun and unexpected :)

Tomorrow is the start of a 3-week break for Paul and that makes me super happy! Don't tell him, but I've already started on a honey-do list for him. But, most of all, I'm looking forward to getting to spend a lot of time with him since it will be his last break from school before the baby arrives. We have a midwife appointment on Tuesday where we'll find out the results of my glucose test. Then a good friend from college is coming into town for a night either Wednesday or Thursday so that will be fun to get to hang out with him and have our first house-guest in the new house. Oh, and update on the loud neighbor situation -- miracle of miracles, we haven't heard a peep out of him all week and I promise I didn't slip acid into his drink! I think his neighbor complained to the landlord, and probably wasn't the first to do so, and the landlord must have threatened the guy. I don't really care how it happened, I'm just happy he has shut up! We'll see how long it lasts. 

OK, Paul just got home (yay!) so I have to wrap this up... We're counting down the days to our TN trip and can't wait to see everyone! 

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