October 19, 2010

Sunday Funday and Prego Update

We had a great day on Sunday. My cousin, Amber, her husband, Travis, and their precious baby boy, Henry, came down to San Diego to visit us for the day. Even though it was rainy and we couldn't eat outside and go to the park like we wanted, we had a great time visiting with them, playing with Henry, and watching football. Henry is the absolute cutest. He loved bouncing on our overstuffed couch and, if he got fussy, all they had to do was step out the front door with him. The fresh air soothed him immediately. I felt like I was observing a parenthood class. It was really nice seeing how a baby reacted to different aspects of our house. 

Amber and Travis are so great with Henry and seeing them made us so excited for Wilder to get here soon. Even though our immediate families are really far away, we are so lucky to have Amber and Travis close and we can't wait to get Wilder and Henry together. It will be fun to have them so close in age. 


In other news, my back is still hurting on the left side. I refuse to let it stop me from exercising though. I've been taking short walks daily and doing yoga about every other day. At my appointment today, my midwife showed me a couple of new poses to try. Yoga doesn't relieve the pain but it does stretch out the muscles around the nerve that tend to get really tense from me favoring that part of my back. It also relaxes me and makes me feel better mentally. Recently, the baby has started this thing where he'll shift to the right slightly and it will press on the nerve on my right side for a minute. That feels like ice on a sensitive tooth times 10. 

Needless to say, I'm getting really ready for him to come on out. It was kind of discouraging today though because my midwife said first babies usually don't make an appearance until about 41 weeks 3 days... which, inconveniently enough, is right about the time my parents will be leaving San Diego. It will be interesting to see if we can coax him out sooner. I plan on starting the week before the due date with self-induction methods. I know of a few but if anyone has a surefire way to induce labor, let me know. Gah, I really don't want to spend the whole 10 days of my parents' trip being stared at and asked, "Is it time?... Is it time now?"

Also in other news, I just wanted to mention how proud I am of my talented hubby. At the NewSchool's convocation last Friday, he was given a Design Excellence award for his first-year studio work. This award was handed out to only two people from each year's studio class, in this case 2 out of about 50. He didn't want me to blog about it, but, after a lot of begging, he consented to a little blurb here. :) I am so proud of his hard work over the last year! 

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