July 1, 2010

Baby Update

We went for our 20-week ultrasound this morning (even though I'm actually 19 weeks). This one was very in-depth -- the tech measured and took pictures of pretty much every part of the anatomy. It took an hour and she took like 140 pictures. It was really cool to see all the different parts in detail, or as much detail as a grainy, black and white ultrasound image can give you. She focused in on the kidneys, brain, eyes, nose, lips, bladder, spine, heart, arms, legs, and ankles. Then we got to the really fun part where we could just stare at his profile for a bit while she took pictures for us, and it turns out he was trying to suck his thumb! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm still smiling just thinking about it. :)

He was still moving around a lot like he has on previous ultrasounds. A few times while we were watching him, he would make a big movement and I was actually able to feel it and see him do it at the same time. That was really amazing! I've felt small movements before but I always wonder if it's just my stomach gurgling or something, so I think having seen that will help me recognize his movements better now. Plus, they'll only be getting stronger! I can't wait for Paul to be able to feel them too. That's supposed to be towards the end of this month. 

I want to post a belly picture really badly but it's still not very big! :( Most of the time with clothes on you still can't tell I'm pregnant. I just look like I have a beer belly, which, although I did pass out in a bar recently (hehe), only those who know me know isn't the case. It's kind of frustrating... even though I don't want to gain a bunch of weight, I do want my belly to grow! Maybe next week at the halfway mark (20 weeks) I'll break down and post one anyway. I would put on my swimsuit and take one so you can actually see it, but there's no way I'm posting a picture of myself in a swimsuit on the internet, haha! We'll just see, maybe it will plump up in the next 7 days and I'll have something worth posting. 

In other news, we're going to my cousin Amber's house in La Habra, CA, on Sunday to grill out for the Fourth of July. She and her husband Travis just had a baby boy, Henry, in March and he is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see him again and Paul hasn't met him yet so that will be really fun. I just know Henry and Baby Taylor are going to be big buddies when Baby finally gets here. :)


  1. Don't worry too much about the baby belly; I was the same way. Until about 20/21 weeks, it just looked like I had too much to eat. At about 20 weeks, it just kinda popped out. Some clothes still make it hard to tell now, but it shows most of the time.

    P.S. I wish we got an extra-long ultrasound everytime; that was so much fun to watch!

  2. i didn't really start showing until about 23-24 weeks and then my belly just took off! i swear it grows by the minute now. don't worry. once it starts growing, it really starts growing! you'll have that little basketball in no time! and you'll be precious.

  3. Don't worry. Mine looks like a beer belly too.

    Oh wait.

    Yeh. That's kinda what it is. Meh.

  4. I can already tell he's going to be the cutest little boy ever! :)

    And everyone wants to see that baby bump!


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