July 12, 2010

Good Day

Two people made my day today. First, my cousin Katie. Katie is my cousin on my mom's side and we grew up the only girl cousins in a family of six boy cousins, so we always had to stick together. This is Katie and me -- isn't she just too cute? And she's available guys! ;)

Anyway, she made my day because she is throwing me my first baby shower at the end of the month and I received my invitation in the mail today! It was so exciting to see the words "Baby Shower" and "Emily Taylor" together. And she had the cutest idea... instead of cards, people are asked to bring their favorite childhood book to stock Baby Taylor's library! You know that's right up my literature-loving alley. 

Paul and I are going home for our friend Russell's wedding the last weekend in July so that's when the shower will be. My friend Megan said she thought that was a little early for a baby shower, but I told her when you live 1900 miles from home, you don't really have the luxury to have showers any weekend you want. Anyway, we're sooo excited to get to see family and hang out with some friends we haven't seen in a long time! 

The other person that made my day was the little Middle Eastern man at our neighborhood market. Come to think of it, he made my day last weekend too when he was open 10 minutes after closing time when I really needed vegetable oil to make a bundt cake and was dreading having to go all the way to the grocery. But anyway, today he made me super happy by being the first stranger to notice and comment on the fact that I'm pregnant. He even offered to carry my giant bag of dog food to my car for me. It's the little things these days... :)

In other news, we're going to look at a house tomorrow that on paper looks really perfect for us. It has two bedrooms, a garage, a fenced yard, and is in South Park, the neighborhood we really want to be in. And the landlord actually didn't hang up on me when I mentioned the dogs, so that's a good start. Say a little prayer for us if you think about it tonight! 


  1. Erm...Paul might need a shower too.

    Just sayin'

  2. Yeah right, Paul takes a shower every morning and that's the only kind he wants to attend I can assure you, haha :)

  3. I'm glad I could make your day :) Can't wait for the shower!


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