July 23, 2010

Various and Sundry Things

Ugh, I'm so tired today (I thought exhaustion was supposed to improve in the second trimester?) but since it's Friday I guess I can stay up long enough to post about everything that's going on. 

The baby has been moving SO much lately and he's definitely on a noticeable sleeping/waking routine. I feel him moving when I wake up in the morning around 10:00 (don't hate me, I'm trying to get in all the sleep I can before he gets here), then usually around 4:00 in the afternoon, again at about 9:00 PM, and then he really gets going when I get in the bed at night for some reason. He must be swimming around all over the place in there too because I feel him high, low, left, and right. Paul has felt him moving several times by now and it's so fun to see his face light up when he feels a kick. :) He's supposed to be a little longer than 10 inches now from head to toe (about the size of a papaya) and a little over a pound. He also supposedly has eyelashes and eyebrows now so he doesn't look like such an alien, haha. 

In other news, we went and looked at a house today that's about a mile from where we live now. It's more centrally located in North Park, closer to shops, restaurants, and parks so we like that. It's also about 3 times the size of our current house with an extra bedroom, one and a half baths, a bonus room, nice landscaping, and a dishwasher... upgrade all the way around. I wouldn't have to be the "dishwasher" anymore! And it allows dogs, score! Needless to say we really liked it and put in an application. Supposedly we were the first to apply so hopefully we'll get it but we won't know until probably Tuesday. My fingers are going to be quite cramped from being crossed that long. 

Also, in other news, we're heading back to Tennessee next Thursday through Monday and we are soooo excited to see family! It's going to be a busy, exhausting trip but we're really looking forward to it. The only thing we're not looking forward to is the heat... I don't think we're prepared for 99 degree weather! So for anyone who sees us please excuse us if we're totally drenched in sweat. 

OK, now I'm really tired so that's it for now. Everyone have a good weekend!


  1. That's it! Wilder Papaya Taylor!

    There. Done. You're welcome.

  2. Hahaha thank you! That's perfect! And just about as crazy as some of the names Paul insists on scaring me with... He likes to suggest names like Thunder and Laser just to see my reaction. This baby may be like Granddaddy and just not have a middle name!


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