July 6, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Baby Bump!

Well, we went for our 20-week checkup with our midwife today and it started out with a good old-fashioned pregnancy freak-out when I looked at the scale. Let me preface this by saying that I've now been to five OB appointments and for the first four my weight did not change even one pound. So when I looked down today to see that I had gained 7 pounds, that's right S-E-V-E-N, in the last month I was a little more than slightly freaked out. I knew my belly had grown significantly since my last appointment but I didn't feel any fatter per se. Luckily my sweet husband was there to reassure me that I didn't look like I'd gained 7 pounds. 

And then the midwife came in and gave us our 2nd trimester screening results, which were all normal, and she told us that all the baby's measurements from our ultrasound last week were normal... and immediately all thoughts of my weight vanished. If I have to put on some pounds or even (gasp) get a little chubby for this baby to be strong and healthy then I'm good with that. As long as I still don't fit into those awful embellished maternity jeans... just kidding, I'd wear those every day of the week if I thought it would somehow nourish the baby :)

So, in honor of my 7-lb. belly, as I like to think of it, here is the first baby belly picture taken today at 19 weeks 5 days (not quite to the halfway point but close enough)...

In other news, we had a great time at my cousin Amber's house on the Fourth. Baby Henry is just too fun and adorable! Paul got some good practice in holding him and watching Daddy Travis change diapers. We had some great food and it was so fun to get to visit with them and talk "baby." 

Also in other news, my cousin Elaine gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Grace Ann, yesterday in Boise, ID. I am SO excited for her and her husband Ben! Hope she doesn't mind if I post a picture, but she can let me know if she does... But don't they both look stunning?! Man, is this the year for babies or what?


  1. Hi Emily!
    You look darling! We are all so excited for you and Paul and your parents too! Your mom could barely contain herself when Maddie and I were there in May. You hadn't given her permission to share the news and we were in her office talking about babies! Thankfully you called... so she could tell us! It will be so exciting for our new little Grace Ann to have a cousin her age to play with at Great-Grandmother's house! Take good care of yourself!
    Much Love!
    Aunt Colleen

  2. Emily that is the cutest baby bump I've ever seen!!!!!!!! And its all belly, so thats much better than it being belly and a lot of booty- haha! Isn't it so funny how one day you feel you don't look pregnant and then BAM! there's no denying it?! :)

  3. Thank you guys! Yes, Tiffany, it was totally all of a sudden! It's so funny how that happens! :)

  4. Love the blog! I'll be following it every week. The pictures made me smile & you can't help but tear up a bit. You guys are going to be wonderful parents. Put the skids on the airport runway... can't wait to see that grandbaby boy!

  5. You so need this T-shirt:



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