July 8, 2010

Halfway There!

Whoohoooo!! 20 weeks down, 20 to go until Baby Taylor gets here! I'm so excited that today is finally the halfway mark of my pregnancy! Not that it's been a bad experience so far; except for the first 6 weeks of morning all-day sickness, I've felt positively great. I'm hoping that as my belly continues to grow and get more cumbersome I'll keep on feeling great, or at least pretty good. 

So, halfway done... check! Now all that's left to do is... everything! Find a new house that has two bedrooms, a fenced backyard, and will allow two giant dogs (an order as tall as Mount Everest here in San Diego); buy things for and set up the nursery; take my labor prep class,  breastfeeding class, and newborn care class; create a birth plan (There are so many decisions to make for that day, it's insane! I always just thought I'd go in, do some breathing and pushing, out it would come and that would be that... wrong!); find a good pediatrician; and more that I can't even think of right now. We'd better get busy, don't you agree? :) It will all get done though; I have the utmost confidence in the power of last-minute pressure. (P.S. To the left is a screenshot from my iPregnancy app... for anyone who is pregnant and has an iPhone, it's a very cool application to have.)

In other news, our dear friend Martin is coming out to San Diego this weekend for a wedding and we are sooo excited to see him! I don't think we've gotten to hang out with him since last September so it will be fun to catch up and have an excuse to go out and eat some good food. It's always nice to see people from home... hint-hint to anyone considering visiting! 

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  1. You forgot about making an appointment for a mani-pedi and getting your hair did.


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