July 25, 2010

A Thousand Dogs... or Maybe Just Two

Paul went with his studio class on a field trip to LA yesterday to look at, what else, buildings. They saw some pretty cool stuff including the Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry and LA Central High School shown below (oh and Gary Busey leaving some restaurant, haha):


They also went to a great bookstore where he bought me this amazing book about two of my favorite topics, photography and dogs. It's called A Thousand Dogs and is about 600 pages long. It goes into depth about the history of photography as well as the evolution of man's relationship with dogs. Every page is full of photographs of man's best friend taken by amateur and professional photographers over the last 200 years. It's quite a compilation. And it got me thinking that, though I've taken hundreds of pictures of our dogs over the last few years, once the baby arrives they likely won't be in very many more unless they happen to be sitting next to him. So here are a few pictures of our furry children taken today with my new Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. They really are beautiful subjects...


In other news, we're hoping to hear something back tomorrow from the property management group about that house we looked at on Friday. We know the agent that showed it to us approved us but now the owners have decided they want to be more hands-on and review the applications before making a decision so we'll see. It's definitely at the top of our budget so, if we don't get it, it may be a good thing; but I'm just so tired of looking I almost don't care! 

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  1. Wow! Those are great images!

    *runs off to download Hipstamatic


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