February 2, 2012

Afternoon Nap for Wilder = Blogpost for You Guys

For the past week Wilder has been fighting his afternoon naps, hence the lack of blogposts. It has been wearing me out to not get a break in the afternoon. I refuse to believe that he is ready to go to one nap a day though. I mean, by 5:00 he's cranky and tired (and so am I) so I think/hope it's just a phase. Today I changed up our routine between naps a little. Instead of playing at home and then eating lunch and trying to put him down for a nap, I packed up our lunch and strolled him to the park down the street for a picnic. 
It was a little hard to get him to concentrate on eating but we finally finished the meal and then played on the playground for about half an hour before coming home, crossing my fingers, and trying for a nap. And... success! He went right down! Hopefully we'll be back on the right track after this. 

Since we've had hours and hours in the afternoons to fill we've been busier than ever the past few days. The dogs have enjoyed being taken to the dog park quite a bit. Wilder loves it there too. 
We also had a playdate with our friends, Lien and Dean, at the park.
Some other kids started playing with one of his trucks and he was so absorbed with watching them that he didn't even play with the one he had. He is such an observer and loves to study people wherever we go. 
Both boys are so active that during our playdates Lien and I are constantly running in opposite directions chasing our respective children. As you can imagine it's a little hard to carry on a conversation that way but that day we both brought trikes and strolling the boys on them around the park gave us a rare chance to visit. 
On Saturday Paul had to go to the school and work for a while so I met up with Holly, Jacob, and Reagan at Mission Beach. It was a little chilly but we had fun nonetheless. Wilder absolutely loves the beach!
He was fascinated watching some guys throwing around a football. He really wanted to join them and thought he was big stuff when they waved at him. 
Playing with Reagan's sand toys
Sunday was my cousin Amber's baby shower in La Habra so Paul and Wilder drove up with me and Paul took Wilder back to the children's museum while I enjoyed getting to spend time with the ladies. It was an owl-themed shower and everything was just so cute! 
Me, Amber, and baby Tempe on the way!
On Tuesday we had a fun playdate with Rachel and Lexi at the children's museum here in San Diego. We hadn't been before and it was soooo nice! There were three stories of activities. A lot of them were for older children but we definitely found plenty to get into.
We took our lunches and ate there together.
Wilder and Lexi were so funny eating next
to each other and kept trading food items.
Checking out the elevator shaft
Wilder always finds the books
I don't know how it's possible but Wilder gets more and more fun by the day. He has so many funny quirks that totally crack Paul and me up. He loves throwing and kicking balls around the house and can entertain himself for half an hour doing this. Rider loves it too because it often ends up in a little fetch game between them. When he dances it looks like he's running in place. When we ask him where his belly is, every single time, he pats his stomach and then points to us and wants us to pat ours too. He thinks it's absolutely hilarious when we ask him where his booty is. He won't show us where it is, he just dies out laughing. He also loves to pull up our shirts and look at our bellybuttons. I can see this potentially becoming a problem. And when he gets excited he's started throwing his arms back behind his back like he's propelling himself forward. It kind of reminds me of a skier's stance during a long jump. I'm sure no one else will think this is interesting but I want to put it down so I can always remember it. These funny little quirks never last long.
He's also becoming more helpful. It's so nice to be able to tell him to bring something to me or help me pick stuff up. He will put all of his books back on the shelf when we're cleaning his room up before dinner and you can tell he's so proud of himself. Of course, his messes still far outweigh his willingness to help clean up but, still, when you've been the one to clean up those messes for a year, any help you can get is noted and appreciated. 

He's also started to mimic us more and more -- little things that sometimes we don't even notice we do and now words too. The other day I was filming him because he was acting silly and he stopped and pointed to the fish magnet on the refrigerator. I said, What? The fish? and just about fell on the floor when he said (his version of) Fish! Fish! I'm so used to him saying his usual six or seven words over and over that I was so excited to hear him say something new. 
We just love this little boy and can't get enough of him. :)

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