February 1, 2012


Paul took Wilder for a ride around our neighborhood on his trike this afternoon. As they were approaching Starbucks he could see a homeless man sitting at one of the tables on their patio. The man watched them the whole time coming down the sidewalk with a grin on his face and as they passed him he said to Paul: You are so lucky. 

Even though the man had only the clothes on his back and what was in his bag to claim as his earthly possessions, he wasn't envious of anything Paul might own. He considered Paul lucky because of the things he saw Paul had that couldn't be bought: love and family. No matter what stresses or sadnesses we face in our lives, we are so lucky because we have each other and we have this most amazing little person to love, teach, and enjoy every day. That is priceless and really nothing else matters.

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