February 17, 2012

Wilder and the Ladies

We've had a really fun week around here even though it's been pretty rainy most days. We didn't go to the Wild Animal Park last weekend because it was too cold and was supposed to rain off and on so we'll have to do that another time. Paul was busy preparing for midterms over the weekend anyway so Wilder and I went downtown to visit him one afternoon. We took the trike and strolled up and down the Embarcadero looking at all the people and ships. One Indian lady stopped us and asked to take Wilder's picture on his trike. Wilder was fascinated by the boats and seagulls but after strolling for a while we could tell he was getting tired of riding so we stopped at a big grassy area next to the Midway battleship to let him run around.
Then we walked over to check out the huge statue of the sailor kissing the nurse. There was a big group of Japanese school children on a field trip and they all but mobbed Wilder trying to take pictures of him and touch his hair. He wasn't afraid and just kept studying them right back. Then he led them over to show them his trike and then he fell down on the grass and started rolling around. He was totally showing off and eating up all the attention. That kid is such a ham! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. 
Tuesday was Valentine's Day so I had to get some pictures of my little love like I did last year. What a difference a year makes!
He was being so silly!
That afternoon, Wilder and Lexi had a little Valentine's Day date at the library. We exchanged Valentine's goodies and listened to the storytime. 
Showing off his V Day gift from Lexi
 Wilder and his Valentine
 Wilder had some business he needed
to take care of on the computer while
we were there ;)
Paul and I aren't super into Valentine's Day. We just did some cards and flowers and ate one of our favorite meals at home that night. Wilder sure enjoyed his Valentine's Day -- balloons, cards, and packing materials from packages!
 My mom sent him a card that plays
Who Let the Dogs Out and he thinks
it's totally hilarious
Yesterday we went to the park next to Fiesta Island to play and have a picnic with Rachel and Lexi. The playground there is absolutely huge and the babies had so much fun. I got this fedora for Wilder a few weeks ago and it's still slightly too big but he looks so darn cute in it!
 He was able to climb up and go down
this slide all by himself and he couldn't
get enough of it. He did it over and over
and over and smiled the entire time.
Then we went over to a grassy area to eat lunch and Wilder and Lexi had the best time chasing all the birds that were stalking our food. 
Tonight we had a little family date at On the Border (we had never been there but we had a gift card so figured we might as well check it out). The food was pretty good but the best part was watching Wilder. He was thoroughly entertaining us and the table next to us. He has the nosiest, most obvious stare -- he turned as far around as he could in his highchair trying to observe everything the other people were doing. And then a waiter or someone else would walk by and he would grin up at them. Then he would point to something across the room. Then he would pull up the tablecloth and play peekaboo with us. He had quite a large time to say the least ;)
Well I hope everyone has a good weekend! Don't forget about the Thimblepress giveaway starting on Monday! Check out Kristen's Etsy store if you haven't already -- I think you will love her stuff!

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