February 24, 2012

Website Review: Become.com

I'm excited to have been asked to do my first blog review by Become.com. Become is a comparison shopping website, sort of like Bizrate and Nextag. They search the internet to find the best deals on whatever you are looking for, from 8-ounce coffee cups to door handles for a Ford Explorer to acoustic guitars. They will seriously find you the best deals on anything you could possibly imagine.

But after clicking around and exploring the site a little I discovered that Become is much more than just a shopping website. It's a site for product reviews and all kinds of helpful consumer information, like Top 10 Lists and Buying Guides. They also have a section for coupons and deals from tons of different companies and stores.

Become also has two other things that I thought were cool that other comparison shopping sites don't have. First, they have a section called Interesting Shopping Insights, which includes How-To's and what they call "infographics" -- visual representations of data or knowledge. Become's infographics cover topics ranging from The Evolution of Outdoor Grilling to Six International Versions of Your Favorite Media Sites. I had fun just browsing through them. Secondly, they have a blog network called PocketChange that boasts ten different niche blogs devoted to providing consumers with the latest and best information on products for baby, pets, the home, etc. 

So the next time you need to find the best deal on a product or just need information on it give Become.com a try! 

Here are a couple of product searches you can click on just to see examples of Become's format and results:

Note: I was compensated for this review by Blogsvertise but the opinions expressed herein are my own.


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