February 6, 2012

Spin Moves

Our first baby, Rider, turned six years old today! She drives me so crazy most days but I do love her. And I'm pretty sure she's saved our lives on many occasions and we just don't know it. She is the patrolman of our house -- always ready with a menacing bark to ward off dangers, real or imagined. She's also Wilder's best buddy and tolerates all his poking, pulling, and climbing. Happy Birthday to a very good dog :)
Paul was invited to a Super Bowl party at the home of some friends from school yesterday. Being a college-type party, it was sure to be not so baby-friendly so Wilder and I stayed home and had our own little party. He loves watching "buh-ball" and was happy to show off his new spin moves... (And no, he does not run into the door at the end, although that's what it looks like -- he went up and kicked it for some reason.)
Oh, and I found these pictures from the park the other day. I love these hand-me-down overalls from cousin Henry but I'm afraid this is the first and last time Wilder will wear them. They are 18-month size but are already too small. Every time he bent over I could hear the snaps at the crotch pop open, haha :) 
He loves throwing the ball for 
himself and then chasing it...

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