December 16, 2011

(Early) Early Christmas

Yesterday, Wilder was trying to climb up into the chair in his room so I took the cushion off so he could get his little booty up in there and he, um, LOVED it. He sat up there and read the books I handed to him for the longest time and kept climbing in and out of it. 
After that there was no question we had to give him his big Christmas present early. We were going to do our little family Christmas on Saturday but I couldn't even wait until then. I wanted him to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible before we left for Tennessee so Paul and I both got up with him early this morning and surprised him with his Anywhere Chair (actually got it on Amazon for a little cheaper than at Pottery Barn). Can I just say, he was totally freaking stoked. 
Checking out the chair sitch
Then he discovered he could use it to reach
into his toy basket and proceeded to throw
out every toy he could grab
 Possibly the most excited I've ever seen him
He seriously loves this thing. Every so often during the day today he would go over to it and throw himself facedown into it like he was hugging it. Needless to say I highly recommend this chair as the perfect Christmas gift for the toddler in your life :)
 Trying to eat a snack in his chair
while still super excited
Note to self: Iron Get Paul to iron chair slipcover, for goodness' sake!

Yesterday Wilder and I went to the mall to return something. Wilder is so much fun to shop with because he just loves seeing people and grins hugely at everyone we pass whether they're looking at him or not. He's also constantly pointing at things. Yesterday we saw two different kids at the mall with balloons and he insistently pointed and said Boon! Boon! and then got upset when we passed them and he found himself to be still balloon-less. He did the same thing at the grocery store tonight. I foresee this becoming a problem.

Aaanyway, point of the story is that we like totally got him some new sneaks at the mall, dudes! He is so proud of them :) And he looks like such a big boy!
Also, we are sooo excited that Paul's fall quarter ended today and we have him to ourselves for three whole weeks! He worked so hard this quarter and now, with only 6 months to go, we're about to enjoy his last Christmas break ever (probably) (hopefully). Hope everyone has a good weekend! 


  1. A new recliner and new kicks: what more could a guy ask for?! Good stuff.

  2. Meant to comment on that really cool basket-weave chair too. Where'd you get that?

  3. It was Paul's from college. Hmm, I think he got it at Pier One? It's been a good chair and made many moves with us haha :)


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