December 14, 2011

Wilder's Flying Magazine

I'm finally getting a chance to snag the magazine we made for Wilder's birthday party off of Paul's computer...

After my dad passed away we found the November 2010 issue of Flying magazine in with some of his things. Two things are significant about this issue. 1) It was from the month and year that Wilder was born and 2) There is a Learjet on the cover and my dad flew a Learjet (except a slightly different model). Since we did an airplane theme as a way to honor my dad and include him in the party, the small connection between Wilder and my dad in the form of this magazine nicely rounded the party out for me and the fact that my dad saved this particular issue also makes it special. 

I knew I wanted to display all 52 of Wilder's weekly pictures so I decided to customize the magazine as a way to incorporate into the party the weekly photos and a small percentage of the literally thousands of pictures I have of Wilder's first year. I'm all about taking pictures if you didn't know. It's kind of a compulsion. 

Anyway, I did the cover and picked out pictures (it was so hard to narrow it down and I still ended up with over 200!) and Paul laid out and designed the pages and printed it for me -- thank you, Paul! -- since he does that kind of stuff, ya know? I loved the way it turned out and was excited to add that little personal touch to the party. Plus, it will be fun for us to look at for many years -- a sort of baby book in pictures.

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  1. Aw, that's awesome! So priceless. And seeing all the weekly pictures side by side is amazing! I wish we had thought to do that.


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