December 9, 2011

It's Nice to be Nice

Dear Security Guard at the Bank,

Thank you. Thank you for making my baby boy's day today. As we walked into the bank this afternoon you smiled and waved at him and noticed him pointing emphatically at the two balloons tied to the deposit slip counter. As we sat at the desk of the lady who was helping us, you sweet man you, you brought that beautiful, shiny blue balloon over to my son and slipped the string around his wrist. I know you saw his face light up because yours lit up right back. 

It was the end of the day on a Friday. I'm sure you were tired and just ready to go home but you brought my son a balloon and made him the happiest baby for the rest of the afternoon. And you made me a happy mama because I got to listen to him laugh and say boon, boon for hours. And you made the dozens of strangers that he smiled at and showed off his boon to during our Target trip afterwards a little happier too. You didn't have to do what you did but your simple act started a ripple that brightened the day of who knows how many people. So thank you for choosing to do something nice and unexpected. You are what this holiday season is all about.
Happy Mama


  1. The kindness of strangers... I try to remember to commit random acts of kindness myself.

    And that pic of him! So cute.

  2. Thanks for posting this. It should inspire all of us to remember to look for ways to be kind, not only in the Christmas season but throughout the year. And I'm glad you pointed out the repercussions of one act affecting so many others. That security guard is making the world a better place one baby at a time.


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