December 8, 2011

Wilder Dreams of the Open Road

We are going to Tennessee for Christmas in less than two weeks and, y'all, I am not prepared for this...
A twenty degree temperature difference?! A low of SEVENTEEN?! Geez! All I have to say is that it better snow if it's going to be that cold. 

Wilder and I went to the park yesterday and met a friend from Tennessee who lives in L.A. and was in town for the day. It was so nice to see a familiar face and get a chance to catch up with an old friend. Wilder had a blast too. For the first little while he had the whole playground to himself so he explored all over. Then some other little kids showed up with a ball, which he promptly commandeered, so he really just had a big time. It's getting so much more fun to take him to the playground now that he can actually play on it. 
 This might be my all-time favorite
picture of him
 I do what I want!
Wilder's motorcycle obsession is getting a little out of control, people. No less than 357 times a day, he points to the window that looks out on the empty driveway where Paul parks his scooter at night and says Voomvoom. And, any time I'm holding him and we pass within 10 feet of said window, he lunges toward it and points emphatically until I take him over there to look out and see the space where the scooter should be. Then he just stares at the empty spot on the driveway and, I guess, waits for the scooter to materialize. Occasionally, while we're standing there, he'll even bounce on my hip once or twice and say Voomvoom like he's fantasizing about being out on the open road. Our neighbor also has a motorcycle and Wilder has to gesture and make sound effects at it every time we go outside. Most of the time there's a car blocking it from view but he still knows it's there and has to point it out. The other night Paul said he wondered what Wilder dreams about and I said, Um, duh, a road trip on a Harley.

Oh and I have to get this on the blog so I can always remember it. Wilder is such a little jokester as I've told you. He loves to laugh and make us laugh. The other day I was feeding him lunch and trying to get him to drink a little milk (we've just recently started him on cow's milk and he is not digging it at all... any suggestions for getting a baby to like milk?). Sometimes when I give him new foods that he's not sure about, if I pretend to take a bite and tell him Yummy!, it gets him to try a bite. So I took a few fake gulps from the sippy cup of milk without putting my mouth on it. I didn't think he could tell but when I handed it to him he mimicked exactly what I had just done -- fake gulp sounds, no mouth contact, and all -- and then laughed because he had caught onto my game. I just about died laughing myself. He's going to give us a run for our money but I love that little boy :)

Poor guy got his first of, I'm sure, many boo-boo's yesterday when dumb Posey got all excited because she thought we were going to the park and sprinted towards the front door. He crawled around the side of the couch just as she was barreling around it going the other way and she jumped over him but I think her bony foot caught him right above the eye. It's not quite a black eye today but it's a nice little bruise. :( His mouth is full of cantaloupe in this picture because, apparently, fruit makes everything better.
 This child has some of the 
craziest morning hair
 Getting in the Christmas spirit
 He's been trying since he could stand to 
reach one of those balls over his bed and
finally this is the triumphant scene
I walk into after his nap the other day
 Sharing his Cheerios with the dogs


  1. So much good stuff in this one:
    -- Yes, the weather here is so awful. If I could move somewhere warm and still support my family, I would make a beeline there and never look back.
    -- Wondering if Wilder also associates the motorcycle space with his daddy and wants to look and see if he's home yet?
    -- We had trouble getting SK and Tad to drink milk, until our pediatrician suggested flavored milk, either chocolate or strawberry. Evidently just getting dairy in them is important--even cheese or GoGurt are good supplements.
    -- Funny how, now that Wilder has come along, Posey is suddenly "dumb Posey." You think you know what love is when you only have dogs, but you really learn what love is when you have a child!
    -- Love those last few pix. What a character!

  2. That pic of Wilder's hair totally cracked me up! So cute!

  3. @Bill -- I thought about the fact that he might associate the scooter with Daddy being home and that's probably part of it, but he's also totally obsessed with any other one we see too haha :) Also, thanks for the tips about the milk. That makes me feel better because he does eat a lot of yogurt and cheese. I'll have to give the flavored milk a try too. And yes, the dogs have dropped down a few notches on the totem pole since Wilder came around for sure haha ;) Thanks for all your comments! They mean so much to me!

    @Amanda -- Haha, thanks! ;) Hope y'all are doing well!


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