December 4, 2011

Two Dumb Ways to Lose a Laptop

Apparently the people want to know how I lost my laptop. I have purposely not divulged this information because, frankly, I'm so freaking embarrassed. But, if the people demand to know, I'll tell you I'm pretty sure I lost it in one of two incredibly idiotic ways. And I'm also pretty sure that you're going to think less of me or at least be a little concerned about me when I tell you about it.

The other evening Wilder and I went over to my friend's house to pick up the CD of photos from the birthday party. I took my computer with me to make sure the disk worked in it -- I didn't want to get home all the way across town and not be able to see the pictures. Let me preface the rest of this by saying that a) I never take my computer anywhere so I'm not used to having it with me, b) I didn't take it in a case (kicking myself) so I had my hands full between a 25-lb baby and a clunky old Mac, and c) I'm short so, from the driver's seat, I can't see onto the hood of the SUV (this will be important in a second). 

When I got back to my car parked on the street after a little visit with Sissy and her precious 7-month-old Evy (she and Wilder were so funny together), it had gotten dark and the street was busy with people coming home from work. I set my laptop on the hood of the car and went to unlock it and wrestle Wilder into his carseat. Then I got in and drove off into the night simultaneously reaching behind me to hand Mr. Fusspot pieces of a broken MumMum and calling my mom excitedly to tell her that I had gotten the party pictures. I got home, fed Wilder, put him to bed, and cleaned like a maniac and two hours later finally had a chance to look for my computer so I could look at the pictures. It wasn't in the house so I got my keys and went out to the car to get it and... Oh sh*t, OMG, where is my laptop?! OMG, did I leave it on the hood???? Nonononononononononono... and so on and so forth. 

I called Sissy in a panic and asked her to look out on the street. Her husband also looked on his way home from work. Paul was at school but I insisted he come home to stay with Wilder while I drove back across town in the dark to scour my path through a neighborhood, a couple of busy intersections, and the on-ramp to the 805 where I was pretty sure I had flung it off the hood of my vehicle going approximately 45 mph lost it. No luck. I decided it was too dark so I went home and came back the next morning with "Lost" signs and a little less hope of finding it. Again, no luck. I posted a "Missing" ad on Craigslist and got a couple of responses but no luck there either. 

I started to wonder if maybe I did bring it in from the car when I got home and, in my cleaning frenzy later, stuck it somewhere random, as I am wont to do when in the organizing zone I was in. Therefore, in addition to a two mile stretch of road in Point Loma, I have now also searched literally high and low throughout our house in such preposterous places as in the freezer, under the bed, in our clothing drawers, and in bathroom cabinets. I mean, I found my cellphone in the recycling bin when I was suffering from "pregnancy brain" so losing my laptop in such a way now that I have "mommy brain" wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Anyway, I don't know which hypothesis is more ridiculous -- that I drove off with it on my hood or that I basically hid it from myself in my own house -- but I do know that both are so ridiculously dumb and I couldn't be more embarrassed. As my mom says, "Sometimes I miss my mind." 

Although I didn't see anyone close by, I propose that it's also possible that in the dark street someone walked past and swiped it while I was busy strapping Wilder into the backseat. The idiot level isn't quite as high in that hypothesis so that's what I'm going with if anyone else asks. That's what I told the Craiglist guy I bought my lovely new laptop from this morning. And just for the record (Paul!) I did not lose my other laptop on purpose just to get a new one and I fully understand that this is my Christmas, Mother's Day, and birthday present for the next year. I'm still totally bummed about losing my old one, but I was able to reclaim many of my pictures thanks to this little blog and I'm thoroughly enjoying my sleek new computer thanks to my sweet hubby so I guess my idiot self came out on top in this case.

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  1. I can so relate to this. One of the things I want to do in Heaven is find out where I lost all the things I can't find. Just wait til Wilder's old enough to lose things FOR you. :)


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