December 19, 2011

A Very Christmas-y Weekend

Warning: Cute picture overload.

I may be a Scrooge but we sure had Christmas all weekend around here. Even though it's going to be a pretty sad holiday this year, all these pre-Christmases we've had are getting me excited for the actual Christmas. Wilder loves helping to open his presents and it's so fun to watch him exploring new toys and games. 

We gave him his Anywhere Chair last week and he has been enjoying it so much! I moved it by his front window so he can look out at the yard since, for the most part, it's been too chilly to get out much or have the front door open for him to look out. He loves watching and pointing at the birds at the bird feeder. The other day I was sitting in there with him and he kept pointing and saying Bur- Bur- off to the side of the window and when I looked out he was pointing to a Bird of Paradise flower in the flower bed. I didn't know what to say but I had to give it to him, they do look just like birds, so I just nodded and smiled. 

He still loves climbing in and out of his chair but instead of climbing out like a normal person/baby, he basically dives out of it headfirst. He thinks it's so funny (and it is) but I hope he starts catching on soon to the concept of feetfirst. I also love the chair because it makes him sit still long enough to get some decent pictures.
 I think he may be getting some curls?
 Every time I ask him where his nose
is lately he shows me his tongue.
He knows head, ear, and feet but 
where am I going wrong with nose? 
On Saturday we had our little family Christmas. Even though we didn't have a tree to do it in front of it was still much more fun than last year when he was four weeks old and I opened his gifts in front of him in the bouncer seat and he couldn't have cared less. This year, fresh from the experience of opening presents at his birthday, he was very helpful and excited to open his presents. 
That snack cup is pretty much a 
permanent extension of his hand.
Playing with his hound dog 
guitar from Aunt Jinny
Checking out some of his loot
Sunday evening we went over to Rachel and Lexi's house for dinner and to exchange gifts with the babies. We had such a great time and Wilder was totally pumped about having a new house and new toys to explore. He never stopped moving and worked up quite a sweat. He and Lexi are both so busy. It's really fun to watch. 
 We love these ladies! :)
This isn't the real Santa. 
Get him away from me!
 Seriously, guys, what are you
trying to pull here?
 Lexi, go into deer-in-the-headlights mode
and maybe they'll stop taking pictures!
In other news, Wilder is walking more and more steps every day. He can walk all the way across his room and does it even without prompting. I can see his preferred mode of transportation slowly beginning to switch over from crawling to walking. He looks SO cute waddling around. I haven't gotten a good video of him doing it but that's my mission tomorrow. 

We're looking forward to continuing our Christmas festivities this week in Tennessee with our families! I think some good Southern food and quality time with our loved ones is just what we need. 


  1. I can't wait to see him walking. And I love that you hung a stocking on your festively tacky decorations. Where does he point when you say, "Tongue"?

  2. I love the pic where they are standing by the...hmm let's see I'm not a mama and have no clue what to call it. The activity center? Kind of looks like a Fisher Price spaceship control area.


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