May 23, 2012

Good Times

And, no, as a matter of fact I couldn't think of a better title for this post. It was either that or nothing. I am that braindead right now. 

We've had a fun, hectic week since I posted last. We were so excited over the weekend to have Paul's dad and his girlfriend out to visit. Wilder had a blast showing off for them and it did our hearts good to see them loving on him and enjoying him. We walked down the street the first night and had a delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant...
 The next day we took the dogs to the park.
Three generations of Taylor men :)
 And then we went to SeaWorld. I can't believe we had
never been before now but I'm so glad we got to go
before we move away. It was an awesome experience
and Wilder loved every minute of it. By the way, he
made this face on his own. I didn't even ask him to smile,
the little ham!
The turtle exhibit
 The dolphin show was A-MA-ZING!
 Wilder sat there completely mesmerized through 
the entire 30-minute show.
 Even after the show he was still trying to
figure out what it was he had just seen.
Mind officially blown.
 AND! The best part... Wilder got to pet a dolphin!
Such a fun afternoon!
The next day we had Rachel and Lexi over for a playdate. We rarely have people over to our house because it's such a weird location being behind another house and the dogs go so crazy over company and our yard looks like two giant dogs live here and so on and so forth. But I decided I just need to get over it, put away all my excuses, and have my dang friends over for goodness sakes! We had so much fun watching the kids play in the yard (and the dogs weren't too bothersome after all). Wilder absolutely loved having his buddy at his house and showing her all his toys. 
Wilder usually has no problem sharing but the
slide was a hot commodity apparently. I 
love how Lexi totally has him blocked out --
that girl don't let nobody push her around! ;)
Can we all agree that this is the sweetest thing ever?!
Wilder totally leaned over and kissed her all by himself
(and then I had to make him do it again for a picture,
of course, but the first one was all him)! Love these
sweet friends and we're sure going to miss them!
This boy loves him some rocks. I see many
a rock collection in our future :)
 I got this idea from another blog I read and
decided to try it the other day. I filled up a
tray from the kitchen with water, put a bunch
of little spoons, measuring cups, whisks, etc.
in it and let him have at it. I'm not lying, Wilder
stood there and played with that homemade
water table for an entire hour. That's why 
this picture is from so far away -- I didn't dare 
disturb him! Best idea since bathtub painting :)
Wilder loves climbing up and going 
down his slide all by himself. He calls it 
a "wheeee" because that's what I say 
every time he goes down it haha.
 Sweet best buddies at storytime.
Teaming up to take down that frog statue.
 One of our good friends, a fraternity brother of Paul's
from MS State, and his girlfriend were out here on vacation
and we were so excited to meet up with them for dinner
last night. It's always nice to see familiar faces and it was
fun to watch them cracking up at Wilder's antics :)
We also did our family pictures yesterday and our awesome
photographer already sent me a sneak peek! We had a great
experience with Kim Curran - highly recommended if you're
looking for a photographer in San Diego!
So that's what we've been up to lately in addition to sorting/packing, looking for a house in Nashville, and Paul trying to finish up his thesis project. The next month is shaping up to be ridiculously hectic. I do have a very interesting and informative post in the draft stages; I even did an interview for it! But, alas, at this point my brain cannot produce anything interesting or informative so that will have to wait. I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! your family photos are adorable! I love the one of Wilder posing by the stone wall - classic! Can't wait to see ya'll sometime soon :) love you!


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