May 26, 2012

Half Birthday

Dear Wilder,

You are 18 months old today and your Dada and I cannot imagine life without you. For such a little person you have a huge, fun personality. You love to laugh and to make other people laugh. You are totally full to the brim with life; I'd say even bubbling over. You're a spontaneous hugger. You like to spin until you're dizzy, chase/jump on/love on/generally mess with the dogs, throw or kick anything that even resembles a ball or can be purposed as a ball, pull things off of cabinets/out of drawers/off of shelves -- you're a tiny hurricane. You play so hard every minute you're awake. 
At 18 months old you are a little bossy pants and just so darn funny. You love to have an audience and will pull me into a room and pat a seat on the couch or the floor to make me sit down and watch you/cheer you on. You think it's so funny to honk our noses and your own and say, K-onk, k-onk. You yell Mama! Dada! from your room when you wake up and I wake up with a smile every day because of it. 
You repeat one word from every sentence I say and are picking up new words left and right. You are a chubby, blonde sponge. You are an encyclopedia of animal sounds. When I ask you how many there is of something you say two, even when there's four. You love to "help" us do things. You will sit through whole books now and reading stories to you is the highlight of my day. You're very into peekaboo and bubbles at 18 months. And rocks. And balls of course. You go to bed and wake up saying ball. You call a soccer ball a sock ball, a tennis ball a sh-ball, a basketball a b-ball, and a football a fat ball
You are a total ham. And so easy-going. And just so cool. Your Dada and I feel incredibly lucky to have the privilege of being your parents. We go to bed every night talking about the new and funny things you've done that day and how you make our lives fun and bright. You are simply amazing and our hearts bubble over with more and more love for you every day. 

Happy Half Birthday, my little love.


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  1. Happy half birthday Wilder...he is so cute, love the joe cool sunnies and hat. You are one lucky mama Emily!


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