May 12, 2012

Music City

Well, it's official. These Southerners will not be in SoCal much longer. Paul has a wonderful job opportunity in Nashville so we will be moving back to our home state after he graduates this summer. I'm so proud of him I could just burst. It's been a long road and he has worked incredibly hard. This job is really perfect for him too so we are so excited!

As far as the move, I'm having a little bit of mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Nashville. I'm super excited about exploring a fun new city with Paul and Wilder. I'm also over the moon with excitement about being closer to our families. We're going to feel so spoiled getting to see them whenever we want! 

But San Diego has my heart. There is so much here that I'm going to miss and we've made so many good memories hereWe've celebrated birthdays, Christmases, and anniversaries here for most of our married life. I'm also sentimental about it because this is where Wilder was born, the house that we brought him home to is here, and this is where we spent the precious first year of his life. Plus, sweet friends are here whom we will miss dearly. Not to mention we've gotten quite used to the perfect weather bubble in which San Diego is enclosed. And! What the hell am I going to call my blog now??

So you see, a few conflicting feelings but just because I'm sad about leaving San Diego doesn't mean I'm not excited about moving to Nashville. We're moving on to bigger and better things and we feel so blessed to have this opportunity. Nashville, here we come and we're bringing with us one crazy toddler, two giant dogs, and not enough winter clothes. See y'all real soon! ;)

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